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This page is meant to be a master list for all of the equipment at LVL1. Add a wiki page link here and follow it to fill out the details. QR Code images and general information are generated with a simple MediaWiki template. Copy, paste and edit the following code into a new wiki page.

|owner=Owner of Loaner of equipment
|serial=Serial Number
|model=Make/Model of equipment
|arrived=When this thing first showed up
|doesitwork=Does this work or not
|contact=person to contact
|where=where is it
|picture=wiki URL

LVL1 Equipment Catalog

Jewelry Station



3D Printing

Audio / Video

Virtual Reality

Items on Load from Richard

The following items appear to no longer be at the space are indicated as on loan by Richard. They may just not be on loan anymore:

Electronics Equipment

Wood Shop

Metal Shop


Sewing/Textile Station

Hackersnack Area


Educational Kits