Xerox Workcentre M20i

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  • Owner/Loaner: LVL1
  • Serial Number:
  • Make/Model: Xerox Workcentre M20i
  • Arrival Date: Upon move-in to 1205 E Washington
  • Usability: No? it's not hooked up as of Jan 2019
  • Contact: Brad
  • Where: Under the printing workbench.
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The printer has a static address assignment at Popular Linux distros include drivers.

Installation guide: [1]

Network Share/Downloads/Xerox m20i has the drivers for Win 7 x64


Someone should set up network scanning!

  • The M20i does not support native network scanning, and the scan to local computer through USB has not worked on Windows, Mac or Linux builds; there seems to be a problem with the firmware/hardware (something internal?) to drive the USB port on the scanner. The scanner supports a 'scan to email' through a local SMTP server setup; this would be the next step in getting this device ready to scan to the network. -Ned
  • The M20i scan-to-email functionality limits the size of scans to 4mb, which is pretty small, and so I have stopped investigating getting this up and running, because it will probably yeild only low quality scans. -Ned