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This page is a free resource for all learning materials used in LVL1 workshops. Check our Calendar to see what LVL1 workshops are on the horizon! Enjoy!


How to Host a Workshop

We love it when members of our community share their knowledge and expertise! Check out our Hosting Guide for assistance in organizing an event.


Micro Controller Meetup

  • Will meet on 1-22-24 to learn about all things microcontrollers. Hosted by Kevin P.


  • Covid Void, we existed and are still up in running


Micro Weather Station

  • docs coming soon


Magic Mirror

LED Wreath workshop

  • LED 2019 Wreath making workshop using WLED software, Wemos D1 mini and WS2812 LED strip

Other Workshops

  • March Laser Cutter and Vinyl Cutter workshop: 3/20/19 @ Noon Contact Ned.


Woodworking Workshop

  • Woodworking Workshop - A foundation Course (cutting boards), Saturday, 15 December, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Neopixel Holiday Workshop WiFi Edition!!!

  • Neopixel Holiday Workshop WiFi Edition!!!, Saturday, 8 December, 10:00am - 1:00pm

Soapmaking with Helen

How to Make Your Own Lip Balm

How to make your own body scrub

DIY Auto Repair Basics

  • August 25

Shabori Dyeing

DIY Auto Repair Basics

Making Jewelry

Build a Cloud workshop II

Open Sew - Derby Edition

MotoPhoto Photo Frame Workshop

Bath Bomb workshop

  • March 17

Glass Bottle Decor Workshop

Build a Cloud Workshop


Cuttlefish Pewter Casting Workshop

  • December 3rd

Cuttlefish Pewter Casting Workshop

Neopixel Holiday Workshop

  • November 11th

NeoPixel Workshop Instructions - Neopixel Holiday Workshop By Andy Miller

Wemos D1 Mini

Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror


Start Sewing

Raspberry Pi Workshop


Arduino 101

Audio-Driven Flashing LEDs

  • Illuminate an LED with varying brightness with respect to the amplitude of an audio signal: louder is brighter, quieter is softer.





Raspberry Pi Bootcamp

Sketchup Workshop


Arduino: Beyond the Blink

Atari Punk Console

Digital Electronics for Arduino

Freeduino Games (Gadget Lab at U of Louisville)

Add some games to the Freeduino Frenzy/Spring Training workshops!

KiCad Workshop (1/21/12)

Kicad Presentation [ More KiCad links and resources]

Trilife Workshop (Gadget Lab at U of Louisville + LVL1)

Learn to solder by building a small board that interacts with others in a giant array.


Android Game Workshop

  • [1] Android Slides PDF
  • [2] Android Sample App

February Freeduino Frenzy

Griswold Christmas Light Controller

LVL1 Summer Camp

LVL1 Summer Camp was a workshop that is occurring during the month of June, 2011, taking up every Saturday in June, from 1pm to 5pm.

Eagle Workshop


Eagle itself: Eagle Download

Sparkfun parts library used for this workshop: Sparkfun Library

Dangerous Prototypes Parts Library: DP Parts Library

Sparkfun Keyboard Shortcuts, Appropriate for most layouts: Keyboard Shortcuts

CAM file: Sparkfun CAM, appropriate for GoldPhoenix

Board files we created

Caps Locker Board File

Caps Locker Schematic File

V-USB Tiny Board File

V-USB Tiny Schematic File

GadgetLab TriLife blinker files

OK, this wasn't part of summer camp but it's here if you want more Eagle practice. GadgetLab_Trilife_Blinker is an Eagle layout project to route a board that contains about 10 parts and fits in a small footprint. The board controls the brightness of a LED depending on what neighboring boards' LEDs are doing. From the University of Louisville GadgetLab class.

Etching Workshop

Please See: Toner Transfer and Muriatic Acid Etchant: Making PCBs at LVL1

Soldering Workshop

Summer Camp Soldering Presentation

If you'd like to create your own, you'll need these parts:

V-USB Programmer
  • 1x AtTiny45, .3" SOIC package
  • 1x Mini-USB B Port (surface mount)
  • 1x Surface Mount Slide Switch (See Sparkfun)
  • 2x 1.5k Ohm, 0805 Resistors
  • 2x 68 Ohm, 0805 Resistors
  • 1x Decoupling Cap
  • 2x 3.3v Zener Diodes, SMB Package (Note: MUST Clamp Voltage to 3.3v)
  • 1x Surface Mount, 6 pin, 2 row terminal block
Caps Locker
  • 1x AtTiny45, .3" SOIC package
  • 2x 68 Ohm 0805 Resistors
  • 1x 1.5k Ohm 0805 Resistors
  • 1x Surface Mount, 6 pin, 2 row terminal block

Programming Workshop

Presentation with Notes

For Code, see Resources and Code

Pimping your Home Network with DDWRT

Parts for a custom home router

Ruby on Rails Workshop

Source Code & Notes


This book is both very readable (a rarity in tech books) and a fantastic introduction to Ruby for someone familiar with the GoF design pattern implementations in other languages. It has a quick Ruby syntax primer in the beginning, then jumps straight into the patterns.

This is the latest edition of the book commonly known as "The Pickaxe" in the Ruby community -- in its first edition, it was the first comprehensive English-language reference for Ruby, and was therefore indispensable to someone just getting started with the language. The latest edition is still a great reference book to have around.

Agile Web Development was co-authored by David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Rails, and was the closest thing that the Rails community had to "The Pickaxe" for Ruby, in its first edition. The authors have done a great job of cleaning it up and keeping it relevant, and the latest version covers Rails 3.

Obie heads up the Florida-based Rails consultancy, Hashrocket, and was an early adopter of Rails, coming over from the Java camp. He's been a vocal advocate of best practices in Rails for just about as long as Rails has existed, and his book helps to explain not just how to do things in Rails, but why.

Tinkering to Commercialization Workshop

Tinkering to Commercialization Presentation

Twiddle N Scratch


Freeduino Spring Training

Freeduino Spring Training

Below are the lessons for the Freeduino Spring Training. They are Creative Commons licensed, so share and use. Pass them along. If there are issues (bugs) with the instruction, code or circuits, then email me The breadboard and schematic pictures are drawn using the Fritzing Program. Try Fritzing out - it is really cool!

Learn To Solder with Mitch Altman and Jimmie Rodgers

Intermediate Microcontroller Workshop, "Beyond Arduino"

Minti Boost Workshop

MintiBoost Workshop Information for 12/6/10 and 12/18/10

Solder Your Own Freeduino

TV-B-Gone Workshop