Raspberry Pi Jukebox

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Scheduled for Saturday, February 20th 2016, Jared will/has run a Raspberry Pi workshop. documentation for this workshop will live here.

Booting for the first time

  • If you boot to command line:
    • Type sudo raspi-config, then hit enter, and follow raspi-config instructions.
  • If you boot to desktop:
    • Navigate to Menu > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration
    • Click Expand Filesystem.

Giving your Pi a Unique Name

  • Once booted to the Desktop, change your Hostname.
    • From the GUI, navigate to Menu > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration
    • Type in a unique Hostname.
      • The Pi will require a reboot.

Powerpoint to follow along

File:Rpi jukebox.pdf

More notes to come