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Class from 1pm to 4pm on Dec 3rd. (Supplemental soldering instruction available starting at noon)

1) The cost for members will be $70. The non-member cost will be $80.

2) In the Griswald Christmas Light Controller Class you will build your own controller for up to 16 different channels that can all be choreographed to music. Each channel is capable of supplying 120 volts and up to 2 amps per channel. This translates to roughly 3 to 4 strands of standard mini lights per channel, or even more if you are using led Christmas lights. The control software is called Vixen and can be found at The controller board is the TeensyLights16 which can be found at . The controller is based around a Teensy Arduino processor from and implements the Renard dimmable light controller protocol.

3)Search youtube for 16 channel Christmas ligths for some good examples.

There are 2 different tutorials on using the Vixen that can found on Youtube. Both have a several videos in the series.

4) Attendees are expected to know how to solder, basic electrical safety (unplug before touching after all we are working 120v mains power), laptop with windows XP or greater for class. If you are new to soldering or have not soldered in a while, I will be available 1 hour before class to help bring you up to speed. Familiarity with Arduino's is a plus, but not required.