Kidney Sound Table

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  • Owner/Loaner: LVL1
  • Serial Number: N/A
  • Make/Model: N/A
  • Arrival Date: before move-in to 1205 E. Washington
  • Usability: Work in progress
  • Contact: Jared
  • Where: Near First Aid

The Kidney Sound Table is a table made from an old Kentucky Science Center Exhibit with the purpose of streamlining audio in the space. As audio projects are connected to the table, they will be documented on this page.


As of December 2015, the Kidney Table has:

  • Record Player
  • 8-Track Player (possibly broken: it ate the Doobie Brothers Greatest Hits; use with caution.)
  • Laptop (usually for Spotify/Youtube)
  • XLR Mic
  • 4 Channel Mixer

These items remain vaguely connected so that few modifications can let one play any of the devices. The 8-Track/Record Player unit has speaker-level outputs, a passive line resistor has been built to lower the volume to line-level to mix through the mixer. please do not remove this.