HP DesignJet 800

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  • Owner/Loaner: LVL1
  • Serial Number: Serial Number
  • Make/Model: HP DesignJet 800
  • Arrival Date: Dec 28, 2016
  • Usability: Yes
  • Contact: person to contact
  • Where: main room

Installation Software For MacOS X 10.10.x - 10.11.6 (at the time of writing) - install the printer by the following:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Open Printers & Scanners
  • Add a new printer by pressing the + sign
  • The HP DesignJet 800 should appear here
  • OK the installation by selecting the default options for the generic driver

Driver download page from HP

Older Notes about how to print:

  • For Windows, you may have to go into the printer preferences and create a custom page size based on what you are doing then in your program when selecting the printer & preferences, select the custom page size.
  • At the time of writing printing from Inkscape on Mac directly from the printer only allowed an 8.5x11 (standard paper size) to be printed; will troubleshoot and offer suggestions on how to print from a Mac.

You can now print

New Notes about how to print (12/2018):

  • This printer works best when the computer that is sending the file for printing is Linux operating system based. Several have tried other operating systems unsuccessfully. I (Amy Shah) have only seen this printer work successfully from a Linux based operating system computer.
  • Create an ubuntu boot stick by downloading the ubuntu ISO file and flashing it to a > 2GB USB stick drive
  • Boot a computer to ubuntu temporarily with the boot USB drive
  • Download your image to the ubuntu os computer for editing and printing
  • Go to settings in ubuntu and create a custom print size for the poster/document you want to create
  • Choose this custom print size to print and then press print.
  • Before choosing print, troubleshoot the printer - make sure there is enough ink, paper, and the paper is loaded properly.

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