Make T-Shirts

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QnD Tutorial

  • Materials
    • a blank t-shirt (Wal-Mart has them cheap)
    • a piece of thick paper (should be some in the drawer under the printer)
    • four weights to hold the t-shirt still
    • removable spray on adhesive (this, and the remainder of this list should be under the printer)
    • screen printing paint (also available at Hobby Lobby)
    • some brushes
  • Lay out your t-shirt
    • Put a thick piece of paper inside the shirt where the logo will go to prevent bleeding to the back
    • place your weights around where the logo will go and pull it taut
  • Make a design in InkScape
  • Using the laser cutter, cut the design out in the thick sheet of paper
    • 100% speed, 30% power should be more than enough to cut the paper
  • Step outside and spray a light layer of adhesive on the back of the stencil
    • Too much will make it too hard to pull off and damage the shirt/design
    • Too little will come off and allow bleed
  • Let the glue dry for about 10 seconds then place on the shirt
    • Press firmly, get all corners and edges
    • Realign protective sheet inside the shirt if necessary
  • Start painting
    • Dabs are less likely to bleed, but take patience
    • I use strokes
      • Just go slow and light and you should be fine
    • Paint THICK
      • Be sure to let the paint soak into the shirt some before you decide you're done
      • Depending on the colors it might take a few coats
  • Gently remove the stencil
    • This is where you're most likely to mess up your shirt
    • Go slow and don't force anything
    • Be careful what you touch and don't let any part of the stencil drop back down and spread paint
  • Let dry overnight
  • Heat seal with an iron
    • Place a piece of paper over the design and behind it and iron on low, no steam for 2-5 minutes depending on the paint (look on the bottle).
  • Rock out in your new t-shirt (pants optional, but not recommended)