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  • Owner/Loaner: LVL1
  • Serial Number: n/a
  • Make/Model: n/a
  • Arrival Date: ?
  • Usability: ?
  • Contact: ?
  • Where: Main Room



Color Lable Part Bi-Derectional Voltage
Purple M3+ Head Turn Yes 5V
Brown M3- Head Turn Yes Ground
Green M4+ Tail No 5V
Yellow M4- Tail No Ground
Blue M5+ Head nod no 5V
Purple M5- Head nod No Ground


Label= Wiper3 Connecter color= Black

Pin Wire color Reads Notes
1 Blue Head Turn angle Common Ground
2 Gray Head Turned Left Switch is off when turned to the left
3 Gray Head Turned Right Switch is off when turned to the Right
4 Gray Head Middle Switches off when in the middle

over laps with left and right switch

switches Tail, Label=tailsw, two wire, Yellow Connecter, Closed? when tail in center down
Butt switch, Label=Rider, Two wire, Green Connecter, open?when down
Head Left and Right?, Label=Wiper 4, 4 wire, white connecter, One Blue + 3 Gray.

MIC2(L) White 2 pin
MIC1(R) Black 2 pin

SPK2 Purple

Don't know
CS 3,4,1 (Capacitive sensor?)
Gray = Front Left
Blue = Back Left
Red = Back Right

CS 2,5 (cap)
Yellow = Front Right
Red = Front Center