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First time Visitor Info

  • Prime Directive: Be Excellent to Each Other
  • Waivers of Liability - Please sign if you have not already
  • Our website / calendar is www.lvl1.org
  • Sign up for our Google Group discussion list
  • You can find all of our Meeting Minutes on our wiki: wiki.lvl1.org
  • Culture of Cleanliness

Equipment and Supplies Wanted

  • (Jared) POTS Phones
  • (Danielle) Scrap PCBs
  • (Wilcox) 7 inch Harmonic Balancer x4 for EAE trebuchet

Space Upgrades

Space Downgrades

  • Belt sander belt lost a tooth. Then it lost most of the other teeth.
    • Sander belt is on order
  • The quickest way to get something fixed is to let us know that it is broken! Send broken equipment reports to Broken@lvl1.org
    • This includes supplies like toilet paper and soap!

Regular Meetups

    • LVL1 Open Meeting & Making (Tuesday 8pm)
    • MakerEd Educators MeetUp (1st Wed of the Month 10/1 @ 7pm)
    • Sewing Night - 3rd Thursday - 9/18/2014
      • Bring a project, learn to sew!
    • Irregular Movie and Open Build Night (8pm)
      • Host: ???
      • Movie: ???
      • Group Pizza order placed at 7:30 pm ($7/person)
    • Louisville EAE (6pm)

Upcoming Workshops and Events


Project Roll Call

5 Minute Maintenance and Cleaning

Meeting Notes

  • Attendance: ~60
  • Meeting Start: 8:05 pm
  • Meeting Stop: 8:35 pm
  • Dinner: Ben cooked chicken, squash, and zucchini
  • Tour Guide: Cody
  • Notes Taken by: Nathan A.
  • First Time Visitor Info
    • Welcome all new folks!
  • Equipment & Supplies Wanted
    • Danielle no longer needs PCBs
    • Justin is looking for a broken radio to put a Raspberry Pi in
    • Adam looking for a trailer 4' x 8', super cheap
  • Space Upgrades
    • Laser cutter filter cleaned
    • Door locking mechanism received. Hopefully RFID system will be working tonight or tomorrow
  • Space Downgrades
    • LEDs above snack bar fell and broke
    • Power cords need to be hung
  • Regular Meetups
    • October 25th, Lucid computer training from
    • Movie night, last Friday: Watched Big Trouble in Little China. This Friday: Howard the Duck unless another better movie comes up (again)
  • Upcoming Workshops & Events
    • Girl Scouts Makerspace is having their first Open Meeting & Making this Thursday night
    • Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire this weekend
  • Project Roll Call
    • Jared found a record player and is making a table for it. Making impromptu window screens and his bluetooth phone stuff.
    • Chris C. has been working with Jasper to resurrect Mother! Successfully reverse engineered all the protocols for the LED signs donated.
    • Nathan explains his new 3d printer mods
    • Sean went to Burning Man and repped LVL1 with his projects
    • Fast talking, kilt wearing, sword weilding man is practicing for his world record attempt to open champagne bottles with a large knife
    • James needs help with purchasing UPC codes
    • Bill looking for utility dolly
    • Someone is looking for load cell help measuring grip strength