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We will follow these rules:

Signup form for 2019: no signup... just show up

Double elimination tournament

Main rule is Sumo has to be <10cm by 10cm and <500g

The ring we will use is made of MDF painted FLAT BLACK with a GLOSS WHITE border ring. The rubber surface of the last ring was just to hard to source, build, maintain and paint. It is at LVL1 so you can test your bot anytime.


Zumo - These are excellent kits and well supported. Arduino based.

Parallax $240 - Comes with 2 bots. Kit works well, but expensive and

Sumovore Mini Sumo $98.50

Mark III $92 (not sure these folks are still in business)

TAB Sumobot (never seen this in action)

JSumo kit - new for 2016 but expensive $310 Will you be the first to fight this one?

Fingertech Cobra - I have had my eyes on this one for a while.


Gallery of Sumobots

Nice Bot, but not a Sumo

Another Arduino Sumo

Sumo from Tufts Univ

Thingiverse of above sumo

Check this one out

And another one

What about Legos?

Please add your own!


Home Depot Special

Darth Sidious