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Louisville Soundbuilders meets every other Monday at 8pm. Check our Calendar to find out when the next meeting is.

Louisville Soundbuilders Facebook Group

Anyone with an interest in synthesizers, circuitbending, and general DIY electronic music is welcome!

Every meeting we gather together to experiment with circuitbending, synthesizer design, and synthesizer repair. The meeting is very informal and encourages people to bring things to work on or just hang out and talk about gear.


  • Electronic instruments to show off and work on
  • Cheap battery powered electronic toy(s) for circuitbending


Isomorphic Keyboard - Isotope 192

Acoustic Panels

Forbes Tube Theremin

Fender PA-100 to Twin Reverb conversion

Midibox Sequencer

Midibox SID

Midibox FM

Pushpin - Midi control for Gameboy color

TR-808 Bass Drum clone module

Stromberg-Carlson sau-22 Tube PA restoration/modification

Arduino DCO

Farfisa Combo Compact Midi retrofit

Arduino MIDI NES APU Shield

Arduino Eurorack Shield



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ECE4893A Electronics for Music Synthesists: Semester's worth of video lectures and more

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Introduction to Capacitors

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