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WOPR Jr, or WOPR ("WHOPPER") is a bricolage installation of voice recognition, 3D speakers and LED signs and more. WOPR is inspired by designs of fictional robots and computers in classic movies like WOPR (War Games), Colossus (The Forbin Project), KITT (Knightrider), HAL 9000 (2001: A Space Odyssey), R2D2 (Star Wars), etc.

To interact with WOPR, say "WOPR", wait for the beep prompt, then issue a command. The beep prompt will prompt you for further sub commands.

Commands Include:

  • NEWS: Lists top 5 news headlines from Google News.
  • WEATHER: Says the current weather as reported by Weather Underground, or if WEATHER TOMORROW will give tomorrow's weather.
  • TIME: Says the current time.
  • JOKE: Tells a knock-knock joke.
  • LIFE: Tells you the meaning of life. (It's always 42)
  • HACKER NEWS: Top 5 article news links.
  • UNCLEAR: If any command is unclear (silence) it will respond with a random soundboard quote of a movie computer or robot.

WOPR is a LVL1 site-specific fork of JASPER home automation software for Raspberry Pi.

You can find the git repository at https://github.com/ccprek/woprjr

You can contribute to WOPR by checking out the git repository and submitting a pull request.


WOPR has a pentagonal structure with laser cut paneling and 3D-printed mounting brackets.

Technologies on board include: