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This page documents the integration of MOTHER with BigBrite LED Signs. Although a lot of this information is related to connecting the LED signs with MOTHER, a lot of the information found here is related to the general hacking of the BigBrite LED signs.

Usefull Software and Links

Python libraries:

  • ccprek's custom written library from the protocol pdf: fork with some extra communication examples:

BigBright Communication

Most of the BigBrite signs have an rj11 or rj45 jack that allows the sign to be programmed via rs232 serial communication. It's possible that some of the these signs have an rs485 port that is meant to be plugged into an Internet connection, but none of these signs have been tinkered with yet.

Ethernet to Serial Adapters

Methods for configuring the adapters

  • telnet port 9999
  • web inetrface port 80 (very broken)
    • leave username and password blank
  • There is a controller software that can help you find and configure all Lantronix devices called "DeviceInstaller"
    • It is installed on the stand up station on the workbenches in the main room
    • I recommend using the software instead of a normal web browser since there are some problems with the javascript
    • If the web interface does not exist updating the firmware should fix it


  • Baud on the single line BigBrite is 9600
  • Pick a TCP port for each serial line (10001 is the default)
  • Passive Connection: Yes
  • Active Connection: Any Character
  • The dual ones might need a firmware update to put a port on each serial output.
  • Example code for python to sign on tcp serial adapter:

Serial port

BigBrite Connection Options

The serial port was intended to be a connected to the "Multimedia 2007" software provided by BigBrite. The software allows you to make various screens, animations, and set settings related to the signs operation, which it can then transmit to the sign over the serial port. The serial port has been tested using the Rs232 DigiKey wireless modules and the lantronix rs232 over serial modules. The lantronix modules can be used with the multimedia software or by using the Lantronix CPR software (Com port replicator). The CPR software will let you add as many virtual ports as you want and then map each one to a lantronix Internet connected modules.