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First time Visitor Info

Equipment and Supplies Wanted

  • (Brad) Furby (one or more)
  • (Gerrit) Roomba parts for building the cleaning robot army.
  • (Ron - Muddy Tech) Computers P4 or higher and LCD Monitors
  • (John) 10hp Engine vertical shaft
  • (Gerrit) Punching Bag for training the cleaning robot army
  • (Ben) 220 30amp switch for stick welder
  • (Brian) compression load cell 1000lb
  • (Devin)1366x768 monitor and low profile graphics card PCI-E
  • (Devin) Gas weed trimmer
  • (Ian)smoke machine

Space Upgrades

  • Johnny 5 Makerbot repaired, Makerbot's firmware and ReplicatorG upgraded

Regular Meetups

  • Sound Builders (fortnightly Mondays, next 1/7 8pm)
  • LVL1 Open Meeting & Making every (Tuesday 8pm)
  • The Rocketeers (Wed 8pm)
  • Muddytech Computer training (upstairs Thurs 6pm) Looking for students
  • Game Dev Group (Sat 12pm)
  • KYOSS Monthly Meeting (2nd Wed of the Month 12/12 6:30pm)
  • Friday Irregular Movie and Open Build Night (Friday if someone shows up ~7pm)

Upcoming Workshops and Events

  • NO Tuesday night meeting on Christmas (12/25)
  • Boneyard Purge-a-thon (12/29 1pm)
    • Need volunteers to help sort through the boneyard cruft.
    • Items deemed not worth keeping will be pulled for recycling.
    • "Not worth keeping" is the judgement of volunteers present at the time.
  • PHP Code Igniter Workshop (1/5 12pm)
  • Officer and Director Election (1/15)
    • start bribing your local polling official

5 Minute Maintenance and Cleaning

  • List on the whiteboard

Project Roll Call

  • Google Book Scanner