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First time Visitor Info

  • Prime Directive: Be Excellent to Each Other
    • If you park in our neighbors private lot, they will block you in for fun.
  • Waivers of Liability - Please sign if you have not already
  • Our website / calendar is www.lvl1.org
  • Sign up for our Google Group discussion list
  • You can find all of our Meeting Minutes on our wiki
  • 5 Minute Maintenance and Cleaning

Equipment and Supplies Wanted

  • (Muddy Tech) - Computers P4 or higher and LCD Monitors
    • Posted 11/13/12
  • (Tim) - 5 x 100 lb. Propane Tanks
    • posted 6/11/2013
  • (Alexis) - Wii Remote
    • posted 6/25/2013
  • (Kevin)- Doorbell
    • Posted 8/27
  • (Garrett)- Anvil, Bench Vice and steel for a welding table
    • Posted 8/27
  • (Chris)- 802.11g or 802.11n wireless routers (not 802.11b). OpenWRT compatible preferred.
    • Posted 9/3
  • (Brad) - Gas powered lawnmower - Preferably running
    • posted 9/24

Space Upgrades

  • Business Cards Restocked!
  • Stickers Restocked!
  • Lounge Area TV duplicated projector

Space Downgrades

  • The quickest way to get something fixed is to let us know that it is broken! Send broken equipment reports to Broken@lvl1.org
    • This includes supplies like toilet paper and soap!

Regular Meetups

    • LVL1 Open Meeting & Making (Tuesday 8pm)
    • MakerEd Educators MeetUp (1st Wed of the Month 10/2 @ 7pm)
    • KYOSS Monthly Meeting (2nd Wed of the Month 10/9 @ 6:30pm)
    • Muddytech SIG (3rd Wed of the Month 10/16)
    • Java Workshop (4th Wed of the Month 9/25 @ 7pm)
    • Muddytech Computer training (6pm upstairs)
      • Looking for students
    • Irregular Movie and Open Build Night (~7pm)

Upcoming Workshops and Events

  • New Cavers Meetup, everyone invited
    • Hosted here (Tim M) by Louisville Grotto
    • September 25th 7pm
  • Derbycon
    • September 27th-29th
  • Mini Maker Faire Louisville
    • Sept 28th
    • Call for Makers is closed! http://makerfairelou.org/
    • Need volunteers for LVL1 booth!
    • Power tool racing!
    • Spread the Word!
  • Sumobot Workshop 10/4 (Friday) 7pm-???
    • Eventbrite coming soon!
  • exBEERiment at the Louisville Science Center -- 10/17
    • Lots of explosions and drunk wandering at the LSC in a kid-free environment. 21 and over only.
  • Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire
    • October 19th
  • 4th Annual Sumobot Tournament & Halloween party
    • Sat Oct 26, 8pm
    • Costumes encouraged!

Project Roll Call

Meeting Notes


Meeting Start: 8:06PM

Meeting Stop: 8:39PM

Dinner: Ben made BLTs, to much applause. Making BBBBBLTs is not being excellent to each other. If you would like to cook, please let Ben know.

Tour Guide: Joseph C.

Notes Taken by: Raj, having been deputized as scrivener by Brad L.

General Notes:

  • Had several new people stop by, as noted by new waivers filled.
  • Brad reminds us to please remember to be excellent to each other and keep the space clean.

Equipment and Supplies Wanted:

  • Tim M. -- Tanks are $150 each, so will happily accept cash in lieu of tanks if you want to see Fire Guitar Hero become a reality.
  • Chris C. -- Routers are for a sensor array. Routers that can run OpenWRT are prefered.
  • Brad L. -- intends to make an autonomous, GPS enabled killing machine lawn mower.
  • Bob asks if motorized wheels will be acceptable.
  •  ? -- Push button pneumatic valve, handle, and trigger mechanism. Boneyard may have some.
  •  ? -- 17" LCD panels available for about $30 each.
  • Divinity R. -- request was removed.

Space Updates:

  • Business cards and stickers have been restocked and are near the front door. Will likely use all at DerbyCon, so grab them now.
  • Lounge TV now duplicates everything on the main projector.
  • Air hose has been fixed in the wood shop by Tim M. Removed from list.
  • Jason Lotta notes that it smells like Bacon.
  • Brad reminds us to please let us know if something is broken, or it will not be fixed. * Email broken@lvl1.org and place a sign noting the item is broken.

Regular Meetups:

  • Sound Builders -- Fixing a Nord synth's keyboard, trying to build a massive sound system out of closed speakers by using DSP on the crossover, working on an isomorphic keyboard, and using the Yamaha sound synth chip out of old Sound Blaster cards in new projects. Next one this Monday.
  • MakerEd -- For promoting maker ed, STEM, hands on teaching. Educators welcome.
  • Irregular Movie Night -- "The Core" was watched last time, followed by "Killer Klowns from Outer Space". This Friday, please bring "Sunshine" or we'll find something else. It will be an open build, and feel free to criticize the movies. Movie night is starting to begin closer to 7pm.

Upcoming Workshops and Events:

  • DerbyCon -- All volunteers should have their tickets by now. If not, let Brad L. know. Volunteers will be meeting at 8:30am Saturday at LVL1 to start transporting items. No Friday night after party this year because they will have their own. No computerized whiskey service in the hotel this year because the hotel said no.
  • Mini Maker Faire -- 800 block of E. Market from noon to 6PM. Call for makers closed, but Brad L. may be able to get you in. Need volunteers for the LVL1 booth and to help Brad L. move stuff to the event on Sat. morning from 9 until noon. Streets closed at 11:30AM, so no cars. Everyone please come out. There is still time to enter a power tool racer. $30 power sander available at Harbor Freight, so please enter. Bosch is sponsoring with prizes. Fliers by the front door. Chris C. will run the 3d printing village. Any questions, please ask Brad L. Need big vehicles to transport big items like Mind over Melon. Joseph offers his truck in exchange for a ride home and jumper cables.
  • Makership -- Based off of a generous donation, we will be giving one away each month for the next six months. All unsuccessful applications will be rolled over to the next month.
  • SumoBot Workshop -- Eventbrite is up and on the mailing list. $60 for non-members. Will get a complete kit to make your own pushing bot of destruction.
  • Hardware Meetup -- Excellent discussion about non-dilutive funding sources available in Louisville at the last meeting. Please join the meetup.com group and confirm if you will attend.
  • Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire -- Part of the power tool racing triple crown.
  • Sumobot Tournament -- Double elimination tournament. Attend the workshop if you don't have one. Brad will try and fail again this year.
  • Oct. 17 at Louisville Science Center -- exBEERiment. Celebrating the science of beer. Lots of attendees. Biggest, craziest explosions the LSC does will happen at the event. Play drunk in the LSC without kids. 21 and over only.

Project Roll Call:

  • Flugtag -- Showed the Chicago Flugtag video of the pegasus entry, built at LVL1. Joshua Wilcox giggled like a girl in the background the entire time. Laughs and applause by all at the spectactular flight, apparently also known as a "Lake Michigan enema". Go Pro footage apparently lost. LVL1 and NuLu collaboration.
  • Danielle -- Spoke with Louisville Science Center. Getting rid of 5 exhibits and they are donating them to LVL1 for us to harvest and assimilate. If you wish to help, please see Danielle after the meeting. Danielle has pictures of the exhibits.
  • Chris C. -- Make magazine and GE Innovation garage are hosting an urban sensor hacking competition starting on Oct 18. Dale Dougherty of Make Magazine asked Chris Cprek if LVL1 would like to participate, and we said yes. Sending a grab bag of arduinos, sensors, and goodies for us to hack. The idea is to do a show and tell nationwide Oct. 18th to 20th. Chris will update when he gets more info and the package. If we do something related to air quality sensor control, Chris has a donor ready to donate and scale out the result. Please start thinking of ways to monitor air quality.
  •  ? -- 3D printed a light sabor. He plans to make a new revision.
  • Brian Downing, new member -- Moved from D.C. and trying to build a quadcopter to video tape a BASE jumping.
  • Kevin -- using optocoupler to detect when a door bell rings to have a Raspbeery Pi send a text message. Has a USB to serial adaptor for free if anyone wants it, but it requires Windows 7 or Vista. No Linux support. Pseudo random lottery if multiple people want it.
  • MOTHER's brains were discovered. Will be sent to the boneyard. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.