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First time Visitor Info

Equipment and Supplies Wanted

  • (Gerrit) Roomba parts for building the cleaning robot army.
  • (Ron - Muddy Tech) Computers P4 or higher and LCD Monitors
  • (John) 10hp Engine vertical shaft for hovercraft
  • (Ben) 220 30amp switch for stick welder
  • (Cody) Red Flyer Wagon
  • (Devin)original NES connector
  • (Eric [Makership]) Laser distance sensors
  • (Lindsay [Makership]) Pinball Machine (any condition, will be redesigned) or parts
  • (Michael D. [UofL Makership]) Projector with AV input
  • (Brad, Jose, others) 3+ Bourbon barrels?
  • (Divinity) Glass cutting tools

Space Upgrades

  • Cards and Stickers are ReStocked

Space Downgrades

  • Laser cutter motor controller exploded (UPDATE: Repair is in progress 1/29)

Regular Meetups

  • Sound Builders (fortnightly Mondays, next 2/4 8pm)
  • LVL1 Open Meeting & Making every (Tuesday 8pm)
  • Muddytech Computer training (upstairs Thurs 6pm) Looking for students
  • Muddytech SIG every 3rd Wednesday
  • Game Dev Group (Sat 12pm)
  • MakerEd Louisville (First Wed of the Month next 2/6 7pm)
  • KYOSS Monthly Meeting (2nd Wed of the Month 2/13 6:30pm)
  • Friday Irregular Movie and Open Build Night (Friday ~7pm)

Upcoming Workshops and Events

  • National Engineers Week at Kentucky Science Center - Feb 21-23
    • Looking for folks to come and show off. (Thu-Friday 10-2 & Sat 11-4)
    • Contact Joseph (jclagg@gmail.com)
  • Start-Up Weekend Louisville (March 1-3)
  • 3D Printer Build-off 3/10
    • Workshop signups are closed.
  • RE3 Club Forum. (Local Jobs in Green TECH)
    • Feburary 21st, 4-6pm in Ernst 212
      • LG&E, CMTA, Earthwell Energy Management and Alternative Energies Ky
  • Arduino Journalism Hacking Workshop Feb 28th 6-8pm
    • Somebody else is taking care of sign ups, talk to Chris C. for more info
  • Travel Channel Filming - Feb 17th, all day
    • Talk to Chris C. if you want to show off projects

5 Minute Maintenance and Cleaning

  • List on the whiteboard

Project Roll Call

  • Jose - EMF Probe
  • Gloves with feedback for head position
  • Nathan - New, portable Helping Hands. Looking for beta testers
  • Chris - 3D printed dodecahedron speaker
  • Brad - 1970's vending machine will soon be RFID enabled
  • Building Iron Man cosplay
  • Replicator 2 Demo
  • Nathan - sub scale rocket failed, phone survived.

Post Meeting Notes

  • Rough headcount: 42