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First Time Visitor Info

  • Are there any 1st time visitors
  • Prime Directive: Be Excellent to Each Other
  • Waivers of Liability - Please sign if you have not already
  • Our website / calendar is www.lvl1.org
  • Sign up for our Google Group discussion list
  • You can find all of our Meeting Minutes on our wiki: wiki.lvl1.org
  • Culture of Cleanliness - FIVE MINUTE TASKS -
  • Check the boards for post its -
    • Includes clean tables, surfaces.
  • Minors must be attended by Parent/Guardian!
  • We have an Amazon Smile account
    • Shop at smile.amazon.com: pick us as your nonprofit; some proceeds come our way.

Shout Outs

  • Shout out to Tyler for helping Pete with a project on a saturday
  • Shout out to Gary for making some holes for mini-drone golf
  • Shout out from Danielle for everything the 2016 board has done.

Equipment and Supplies Wanted

  • Mike Revel looking for: '18-650' from inside Laptop Batteries, broken or working; any status.
  • Cody is looking for a 3D printer part and an electric flame-starter (like from a stove or grill)
  • Michael is looking for a 3-drawer filing cabinet
  • Brian is looking for an Apple ][ (+,e,c) computer with a floppy disk drive. I want to pull game programs I wrote when I was 12 off of some old 5 1/2 floppies. I just needs to borrow the computer for a weekend... unless you want to sell the Apple to me or trade it for a working Mac Classic.

Equipment Report

  • Need a new filter for the fridge in order for the Water and Ice maker on the fridge
  • The quickest way to get something fixed is to let us know that it is broken! Send broken equipment reports to broken@lvl1.org
    • This includes supplies like drill bits and soap!

Regular Meetups

    • Night of The Hat (Fortnightly Mondays, next 01/23 @ 8 PM)
      • Learn to solder, work on Inter-hackerspace "Naval Strategy Game", Kittens, and open making.
    • Sound Builders (fortnightly Mondays, next 01/30 @ 8pm)
    • LVL1 Open Meeting & Making (Tuesdays @ 8pm)
    • Learn-a-thing (1st Tuesday of the month, next 02/07 @ 6:00)
      • Learn how to use many tools at LVL1 before the meeting (informal setting; great for first-timers!)
    • Derby Py Meetup (4th Tuesday of the month, next 01/24 @ 6:30)
      • Discussion of Python related topics.
      • Meetup
    • MakerEd Educators MeetUp (2nd Wednesday, next 02/08 @ 7 pm)
      • Talk shop and work on environmentally friendly projects!
    • Drone Meetup - (4th Thursday, next 01/26 @ 8 PM)
      • Talk shop, fix your drone, and take flight!
      • Meetup
    • Irregular Movie and Open Build Night (Friday @ 8pm)
      • Watch a terrible movie and ignore your project! Or maybe work on your project and ignore a terrible movie... The choice is yours.
      • Introducing "Fixit Friday" This will happen every Friday!
        • Contact: Ben
      • Group Pizza order might be placed around 7:30 pm (~$7/person)

Upcoming Workshops and Events

  • LVL1 Board Meeting - TONIGHT Tuesday 01/17
    • See the transition of power from the 2016 to the 2017 board.
  • Mini Drone Golf Game - Saturday 01/21
    • Saturday's tournament will begin whenever you get to the space on Saturday. Whoever has the best mini-drone golf score at 9pm wins eternal glory (so I got that going for me, which is nice). There are scorecards in the basket right next to tee box 1 (by the How not to be a d**k book). Scoring is done by yourself and the rules are on the back of the scorecard and also posted on the main projector wall. Golf (and thus mini-drone golf) is a gentleman's game and you are expected to not cheat and score yourself accordingly. Be Excellent to Each Other!
    • Contact Brian
  • January Makership Application Deadline - Tuesday, 01/31 @ 11:59 PM
    • Submit your project for a chance to win 3 months of membership and $100 toward your project.
    • Apply at www.lvl1.org/makership
  • Bowling Green Idea Festival - 03/15
    • Represent LVL1 in bowling green this year and teach people how to solder.
    • Contact Ben (Blenster)
  • Want to learn something new, get some equipment training, or host a workshop? Send email to learn@lvl1.org
    • Any one can be added to receive requests, just send email to learn@lvl1.orga metal workshop.

Project Roll Call

  • Pete made a specialty camera mount/rack.
  • Gary made an accordion-style/scissor arm with a motor and automatic timer with an arduino for the drone competition.

Meeting Notes

  • Attendance:~30
  • Meeting Start: ~8:00 PM
  • Meeting Stop: ~8:45 PM
  • Tour Guide: Cody
  • Notes Taken by: Jared