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First time Visitor Info

Equipment and Supplies Wanted

  • (Gerrit) Roomba parts for building the cleaning robot army.
  • (Ron - Muddy Tech) Computers P4 or higher and LCD Monitors
  • (John) 10hp Engine vertical shaft
  • (Ben) 220 30amp switch for stick welder
  • (Cody) Red Flyer Wagon
  • (Devin)original NES connector
  • (Eric [Makership]) Laser distance sensors
  • (Lindsay [Makership]) Pinball Machine (any condition, will be redesigned)

Space Upgrades

  • New iFixIt kit from Electronics FAP

Space Downgrades

  • Laser cutter motor controller exploded (UPDATE: Damaged board being repaired at Full Spectrum 1/14)

Regular Meetups

  • Sound Builders (fortnightly Mondays, next 1/21 8pm)
  • LVL1 Open Meeting & Making every (Tuesday 8pm)
  • Muddytech Computer training (upstairs Thurs 6pm) Looking for students
  • Muddytech SIG every 3rd Wednesday
  • Game Dev Group (Sat 12pm)
  • MakerEd Louisville (First Wed of the Month next 2/6 7pm)
  • KYOSS Monthly Meeting (2nd Wed of the Month 2/13 6:30pm)
  • Friday Irregular Movie and Open Build Night (Friday ~7pm)

Upcoming Workshops and Events

  • Officer and Director Election (1/15)
    • Nominations
      • President - Brad L,
      • Vice President - Josh W
      • Treasurer - Tim M,
      • Secretary - Aaron V
      • Directors-at-Large - Raj S, Nathan A, Jose C
  • Bylaw change

3.8 Funds Allocation Petition

  1. Members have the right to submit a Funding Allocation Petition (FAP) to membership to allow the release of general funds. FAPs will include:
    1. Total amount of the requested funds.
    2. A short description of how the released funds will be spent towards the collective use, collective benefit or collective prestige of LVL1.
  2. Approval and disapproval for a FAP can be gathered through physical or electronic means over the course of one week.
  3. When more than 50% of members in good-standing have approved a FAP, it is given to the Treasurer, and upon verification it is approved. Members may rescind their approval at the time of verification; or any time prior to final verification.
  4. One week after submission, a FAP that has not received a full 50% approval from members in good-standing will end. At that time, the FAP passes if two conditions are met:
    1. More than 50% of members in good-standing have responded to the FAP with either approval or disapproval.
    2. More than 50% of those member responses approve the FAP.
  5. The Treasurer will notify the membership when a FAP is approved and include the following information in the notification:
    1. Total amount authorized for the FAP.
    2. The verified members authorizing the FAP.
  6. FAP authorization will expire 2 months after approval. When the FAP authorization expires, the remaining FAP funds return to the general fund.
  • Members: Vote now if you haven't by email. Submit ballots to Tim M.
  • Interest Check: 3D Printer Workshop in March (Prusa Mendel, $950)
    • Need 3-4 more sign ups before the workshop can go off!
  • Start-Up Weekend Louisville (March 1-3)

5 Minute Maintenance and Cleaning

  • List on the whiteboard

Project Roll Call

Vending Machine Rebuild by Brad