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Urban Sensor Hack

This is an experiment to see what we can learn about new devices and new designs for applications that tell us more about the urban environment. Sponsored by Make Magazine.

Here's an overview of the program:

Maker Sessions on G+ -- Urban Sensor Hacks.

- Cool Projects, Tutorials, Explorations & More

- Maker Sessions from September 24 – October 15

- Kickoff Event in Chicago on September 24.

How can sensor-based applications help us understand the urban environment and how people interact within it? How can sensor platforms make it easy and affordable to build and deploy numerous sensors in urban areas? How can you get started creating sensor-based applications to experiment and learn about the world you live in?

LIVE EVENTS. Urban Sensor Hack starts September 24th with a launch event in Chicago. Make will host a series of events for three weeks, introducing master makers and looking at programs and projects that incorporate all kinds of sensors. We also invite makerspaces and university clubs to participate by signing up as an affiliate. Our first 20 sites will get an Urban Sensor Hack Pack full of parts and supplies that you might use to build your own applications. Urban Sensor Hack will end October 15th with an online show-and-tell with our best applications.


Wireless Sensing Lab kit

Net Resources

We're using a free non-profit account on for address geocoding

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