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Surveillance Module for Father AI

FAI Whole System.jpg

The Father AI requires a surveillance module. To that end, the above device was constructed to proof out the basic components and functions.

FAI Component Connections.jpg

The central component of the system is the sensors head. This unit consists of a video camera and an ultrasonic sensor. The items are arranged to imitate a face. The housing is made of acrylic and custom cut at LVL1 on it's laser cutter.

FAI Camera Head.jpg

The sensors head is placed upon a simple pan and title mechanism driven by servo motors.

FAI Pan and Tilt 1.jpg FAI Pan and Tilt 2.jpg

The pan and tilt mechanism is mounted onto a project board which also holds the electronics.

FAI Main Boards.jpg

Finishing out the device is a NTSC monitor.

FAI Video Monitor.jpg

The basic operation of the module is to allow the user to control a camera's motions, recieve video and have a sensor reading on distance between the camera and the observed. For this build, the module displays distance on the monitor when it is below 50 centimeters. Motion is controller by a user joystick. The servos are driven by a serial servo controller. The distance is recorded by an ultrasonic sensor with the result overlayed over the video by a Video Experimenter board.

FAI Joystick.jpg

FAI Servo controller.jpg

FAI Ultrasonic Sensor.jpg

FAI Video Board.jpg

FAI Base Board and Arduino.jpg

Wiring It Up

FAI Wiring Tables.jpg


FAI Movement.gif

Parts List

Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller
Nootropic Design Video Experimenter
Parallax 2-Axis Joystick
Linksprite JPEG Color Camera Serial UART Interface TTL
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
SG-510 Tower Pro Servo
NTSC 3.5 Inch Video Monitor
Lynxmotion Servo Brackets
RadioShack Project Box
Battery Packs