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SPO256 Full Panel.jpg


Nine Panels of Vero Stripboard
Eighty One Strips Horizontal


Length 28.5 inches
Height 8.5 inches
Depth 0.75 inches

Wiring Color Code

Green - Eight Line Data Bus
Yellow - Twelve Line Address Bus
Blue - Twelve Control Data Lines
Orange - Eight Chip Select Lines
Brown - Six Serial and Parallel Control Input Lines
Red - Five Volt Positive Power
Black - Ground Power
Grey - Miscellaneous Wiring
White - Clock Line Wiring

Random Information

  • Application note used is dated 1986
  • The SPO256 chip recieves parallel data from the address lines in this implementation
  • The text to speech algorithm used in the CTS256 chip was developed at Naval Research Labs in the 1970's
  • The External EPROM is "erased" by UV light, ambient room light will cause problems after (alot of) years
  • The application note has a different Parallel Panel schematic than the one supplied with the CTS256 chip
  • Parallel Panel has Eight Data and Two Control pins mid board edge and break the aesthetic
  • The 3.12 Mhz Crystal for the SPO256 is difficult to get, so this implementation uses a 3.2 Mhz Crystal
  • JAC_101 has sworn not to do another project with the SPO256 chip, because he is out of them

Panel Breakdown

Front Image Text Description Fritz Image
SB SPO256A.jpg SPO256-AL2 Voice Synthesizer IC SWA SPO256A-AL2.jpg
SB Audio.jpg Audio Amplifier based on LM386 SWA Audio-Amp.jpg
SB CTS256A.jpg CTS256A-AL2 Text-To-Speech Controller IC SWA CTS256A.jpg
SB Logic.jpg System Function Selection with Decoder/Demultiplexer (74LS138) and HEX Inverter (74LS14) SWA Logic.jpg
SB Latch.jpg Data and Address Bus Exchange with Latch (74LS373) SWA Latch.jpg
SB RAM.jpg External RAM (TMS4016-25) Buffer For Text Conversion SWA RAM.jpg
SB EPROM.jpg External EPROM (2732A-70) For Custom Text To Allophone Conversion EEPROM.jpg
SB UART.jpg Serial Data Transfer Configuration Module with Latch (74LS373) SWA UART Board.jpg
SB Parallel.jpg Parallel Data Input Option with Octal Latch (74LS374) and D-Type Flip/Flop (74LS74) SWA Parallel Board.jpg
SPO256 Full Panel.jpg Full Panel From Application Notes SPO256 Basic Application Note.jpgSPO256 Options Apllication Note.jpg

Prior Implementations:



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