Software Freedom Day

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What is Software Freedom Day?

Software Freedom Day (SFD) is a worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Our goal in this celebration is to educate the worldwide public about of the benefits of using high quality FOSS in education, in government, at home, and in business -- in short, everywhere!

How are we participating?

By hosting our own event for us and the general public! The event will have a main install area with tables, chairs, power hookups, etc that people can sit down and have some volunteers help install/try Linux and other FOSS software. Outside/around the install area we will have various booths setup to showcase some cool things open source programs can do.


Saturday, September 18th
Time is 1PM-5PM (or whenever people feel like going home.)


3pm Geeks without Borders talk

How can I help?

We'll need a lot of help to put together an amazing event. Here is a brief rundown of some of the roles we'll need help with:

  1. People who can help with the install fest.
  2. People who want to do a small booth or presentation.
  3. People who don't want to do any work, but have a computer/projector/monitor we can borrow for the night.
  4. People who can help create/copy support materials such as cheat sheets, live CDs, tutorials etc.
  5. People to advertise the event.
  6. Someone to budget and get together some food/refreshments.

The Little Details