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Locations we have already looked at

Address Point person Price Square Feet lease Notes Links
1860 Mellwood Avenue Chris Cprek $550/mo. 550 sf 1 year Google Groups
1860 Mellwood Avenue Chris Cprek $825/mo 900 sf 1 year Google Groups
1019 E. Broadway Chris Cprek $375-400/mo 1300-1500 sf 1 year Subleased from Skull Alley with shared print shop Google Groups
1201 Story Ave Mark $775/mo 1700 sq. ft. 1 year Google Groups
756 S. FIRST ST Joe Pugh $475/mo
600 sf
2000 sf
The 2000 sf space can be broken up smaller if needed Google Groups KCREA
822 S. Floyd Street Jynn $0.50 - 4.50 PSF/yr 3,456 - 7,596 SF Will not just rent one floor at this time KCREA
954 E. Kentucky (Hope Mills) Chris Cprek $125 per unit ~400 sq ft. units 4 units can be walled into one room for ~1600 sq ft. for $500 Google Groups
814 E. Broadway (Used to be Okinawa "Health Club") Todd Chandler $500 - $600 per mo. with 1 yr. lease ~1500 sq. ft. in back of building 1 year Can be broken up however we want. Will configure electric and plumbing however needed. Heat and air conditioning will be provided by window units and ventless gas units. Rough right now but good location just down from Skull Alley and owner will work with us to finish it. Parking lot. Garage door. I know the owner and trust him to do what he says he'll do but it will require some work. Google Groups

Location that we have contacted

Address Status Point Person Price Square Feet Notes Link
514 Baxter Avenue Waiting for agent to contact back Joe Pugh 5.50 sf/yr 1,000 SF + zoned CM??? KCREA
509 BARRET AVE Waiting for agent to contact back Joe Pugh $6.50 sf/yr 1,000 SF+ Same listing as 514 Baxter KCREA
830 W. Main Street Waiting for agent to contact back Joe Pugh $3 sf/y 2,500+ Same agent as Floyd mailed for feasibility KCREA
800 13th Street Talked with Aron via e-mail Joe Pugh 2-3 mo. out, can come back to it later Site

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