O/D Meeting 7/22/2014

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  • Officers and Directors present
    • Brad, Danielle, Joseph, Nathan, Ben, Cherith, Tim M.
  • Members present
    • Joe L., Charles L., Tom D.

Old Business

  • LVL1 Moving
  • Community Foundation Grant Fund Usage
  • Makership Program Briefing
  • LVLUp Kids Group
  • Board of Advisers
  • LVL1 Announce Email?
  • LVL1 Membership Application Processing

New Business


  • LVL1 Moving
    • Need the space cleaned for inspection
    • No boneyard crap in the main room currently
    • We need volunteers badly
    • Need to get this space closed out
    • BloomingLabs took our extra drywall; Did not need to worry about permitting, THOSE LUCKY BASTARDS!
    • Money spending
      • Need carbon filter for the old laser cutter
    • How's AC Going?
      • Not a priority currently.
      • Whole unit needs work. Need power rework. Need duct work done.
    • Boneyard Shelve glass is missing from the windows
    • Most windows open, need some lube for some of them
  • Community Foundation Funds
    • Shelves were purchased
    • Brad is ordering the laser; will come with person & usage training
    • Money left for hooking up air conditioning; can sell the old units that don't work for our new space
    • Need open hours money community discussion
      • Brad is in favor of someone paid to be here to take care of guests, help with projects, train on equipment
      • May try and fail at this first and go from there
      • Should set up email/contact list for training
    • Money for cleaning service: mop floors, etc.
      • Need someone to call for quoting cleaning the space
    • Need to spend money on end mills, etc.
    • Eligible next year for the grant again
  • Makership Program Briefing
    • Ben H. is now the leader of the Makership program
    • Knows nothing about it atm
  • LVLUP Kids Group
    • Danielle contacted JoAnn Fabrics and will give free classroom space when they are not using it.
  • Board of Advisers
    • Eligible persons: non-member, lawyer/working professionals
    • Offering prestige
    • LVL1 gets trusted outside advice
    • Rough idea: 1 year term, 6 months offset from general election, members selected by Board of Directors and confirmed by membership
    • BoA will hold no official power
  • LVL1 Announce Email
    • For people who like sausage but don't want to see how its made
  • LVL1 Membership Process Streamlined
    • Tim made a new form
    • Brad has been
    • Lets buy a LVL1 Business Filing Cabinet
      • Warranty, lisenses, waivers

New Business

  • Digitizing Waivers: Good Idea, let's do it
  • Plugging things in int he new workshop
    • Need to install plugs for welders, etc.
    • Need outlet for kitchen stove
    • Need electric run for pull downs
    • Need to hold off on heavy electric work until the other work is done
    • Brad found a 20 A 220V plug that is capable of 50A via wire gauge
    • Can install metal working tools to the floor, no problem
  • Can fill/permanently cover holes in the bunker room; ask landlords for permission to deal with this
  • Danielle needs to get MakerFaire stuff; looking for banner and projects
    • Weaker showing this year than previous years b/c of moving