O/D Meeting 5/17/2016

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  • Officers and Directors present
    • Danielle
    • Nathan
    • Jared
    • Tyler
    • Daniel
    • Raj
    • Charles
  • Others present
    • José
    • Kevin
    • Robbie
    • James G.
    • Ben
    • Cody
    • Bill



6 people came to planter workshop

~200 people saw LVL1 at LFPL

9 people came to hackathon

Flea-off-Market saw ~300 people

looking for eastern kentucky consulting for makerspace popping up there.

    • LVL1 is doing more and ought to do even more workshops in the near future.
  • Jared still needs to make a for-the-teacher cheat-sheet of things we want to know about workshops.
    • Upcoming workshops:
      • nathan’s arduino workshop
      • how to workshop workshop (who?)
      • rpi workshops (Nathan/Charles)
      • ctf workshop
      • CNC workshops coming up (Daniel)
      • Welding workshops coming up (who?)
      • Skateboard workshops (Alex/Marwood)

Old Business

  • Makerships
    • are Makership mentors more transparent and present?
    • Should we even require signatures?
      • yeah.
    • Should we offer completion of forms before the awarding of the 'ship?
      • probably?
    • Ben will talk to Chris about becoming Makership contact.
    • Changing the application process from an email to an in-person application may get people more 'in the game'.
    • Money is good.
  • Member Generation & Retention
    • New member orientation
      • How is it going?
    • We got some more shelves, how are they working?
    • Large member storage is also problematic, but it's a separate problem.
      • How will we address this?
  • HVAC install has happened. Is it done?
    • got a cover-ass note from landlords about the HVAC? This is done.
  • Money
    • LVL1 tax exempt form complete
    • Grants
      • SBA grant still has $$$ to be spent on Electrical upgrades.
        • Nathan will coordinate a new capacity increasing grant with the community foundation.
          • Letter of intent will include ideas about what funds will be for. probably electrical?
    • Daniel will head up give-a-day.
  • Space Cleanliness
    • lost and found has been happening, and seems to be working.
    • paint on the ground where trash cans go
      • Danielle will do this maybe?
    • cave troll meme to guilt people into being excellent.
      • Danielle is still working on this.
    • scrap sorting, linguistic choice of omitting the word scrap may help pieces get organized properly
  • Large member Storage will be cleaned up
    • Jared will label a con-men section

  • Charles' Gold Stars are a big hit
      • They need documentation, who was awarded it, when, why, etc.
      • Jared made a page,and still hasn't been updating it, (sorry.)
      • Charles ordered more and they're came on the slow boat.
  • Facilities Maintenance
    • By and large things are fixed when they are broken. (Thanks Nathan)
    • Laser Cutter
      • Regular maintenance of outtake tube and fans etc. Nathan added this to the cleaning log.
    • Broken Buttons
      • There are 7 of them up and running, ready to be installed in the space.
        • when?
  • we need to insulate the metal shop
    • Jared will get with interested parties about making this happen.
  • Space security has been an issue, people leaving doors unlocked and leaving, etc.
    • Tyler and Cave Troll are working on an indicator panel that will let all know of the open/closed status of all exterior doors in the space.
    • Cameras are almost done, thanks Bill
    • Danielle is contacting the landlords about the parking lot camera.
  • Programming:
    • long-term projects are in the works:
      • power wheels - for detroit MF
    • maker faire detroit - when?
    • maker faire louisville - in the fall, early september.
    • collaborations with neighboring hackerspaces
      • hive 13?
      • Prishina Hackerspace Cosovo?
  • Woodshop/Metalshop Upgrades
    • Woodshop is happening faster than the Metalshop
      • Progress is happening in both fronts.
  • How do we take out recycling? do we teach members how to do it?
    • recycling goes in the dumpster and trash goes in the cans, both live out back
  • lge last month $642 way better than $1800 from last time.
  • tyler has a debit card now.
  • landlord needs to take care of room number labeling.
    • who is doing this?

New Business

  • Mice
    • poison is out, we will box up the existing hackersnacks.
  • LVL1 Grant Application Process?
    • Raj will look up Kentucky State Law to see if a member, but not the board, can sign up for a grant.
  • Internship?
    • Daniel will mediate with our Intern, to see if he does not wish to be a member anymore, in the face of the 4 members who are in disagreement with his membership, which is more than the 3 existing sponsors.
    • Internships
      • LVL1 does not have interns, one ought not have anyone presented as an intern at LVL1
      • Daniel will mediate with Ali about continued membership.


Meeting Start: ~9 PM Meeting Stop: 11:08 PM Notes Taken by: Jared