O/D Meeting 4/17/2018

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Finance and member report

  • Need to double check door and member mailing list
  • finance report
  • makership donations
  • 88 shelf spaces. Audit and numbering to happen soon

Workshops and events

  • Purge April 14 - great job. Wood needs to not be stored in woodshop ever.
  • CNC training - Brian will host. April 24.
  • Lathe training - Bill Schwaub April 24 6pm
  • Vintage computer museum and open house date?
  • Others

Space and equipment

  • Jewelry station toolbox and 20 ton press in.
  • woodshop power - tablesaw and lathe
  • dust collection status
  • Shopbot endstops and estop
  • member shelves
  • more lighting over front tables


  • new sticker designs
  • Other flyers, business cards