O/D Meeting 3/15/2016

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  • Officers and Directors present
    • Danielle
    • Nathan
    • Jared
    • Tyler
    • Daniel (LATE)
    • Raj
    • Charles
  • Others present
    • Jose
    • Bill
    • Michael



    • LVL1 is doing more and ought to do even more workshops in the near future.
  • Jared will be making a for-the-teacher cheat-sheet of things we want to know about workshops.
    • Charles suggested that one ought to advertise for upcoming workshops during their workshop.
    • Upcoming workshops:
      • nathan’s arduino workshop
      • how to workshop workshop

CNC workshops coming up Welding workshops coming up 70ish members right now

Old Business

  • Makerships
    • Makerships are on an upswing now?
    • Tyler will send out email to makership recipients
    • Makership mentors need to be more transparent and present.

need to follow up with chris, will bother danielle

  • Member Generation & Retention
    • New member orientation
      • the First Tuesday of every month will be new member orientation, 1 hour before the meeting.
    • Updated the membership form with more details about rules.
      • Wiki page reflects the new form, but does not yet reflect streamlined payment process; Has this been updated?.
    • Attention needs to be given to ensuring member storage is only being used by member.
      • Nathan will contact members about their shelves
    • If membership keeps increasing we may need more member shelves soon.
    • Large member storage is also problematic. a separate problem?
  • HVAC install starts next week
    • some member shelves need to be moved.
      • Tyler is taking care of this
  • taking care of mess?
    • junk day is soon.
    • Science center will also come by on March 1 for Give and Glow to clean up the space.
  • Money
    • LVL1 tax exempt form complete
      • maybe a new document for governing day-to-day operations
      • Danielle is doing this?
    • Grants
      • SBA grant still has $24993 to be spent, on embroidery machine and other things? HVAC.
      • get a cover-ass note from landlords about the HVAC.
      • tyler and dainelle will talk to the about this and get a note to the landlords about how it is not an instillation but an alteration, such that lvl1 can take it with us when we move.
  • meeting formatting/including workshops more fully in meetings
    • Danielle is making a thing to make meetings feel better.
  • Space Cleanliness
    • lost and found must happen
    • paint on the ground where trash cans go


    • cave troll meme to guilt people into being excellent
    • scrap sorting, linguistic choice of omitting the word scrap may help pieces get organized properly
    • Charles' Gold Stars are a big hit
      • They need documentation, who was awarded it, when, why, etc.
      • Jared made a page, hasn't been updating it, sorry.
      • Charles ordered more and they're coming on the slow boat.
  • Facilities Maintenance
    • By and large things are fixed when they are broken. (Thanks Nathan)
    • Laser Cutter
      • Regular maintenance of outtake tube and fans etc. needs to be added to Laser Cleaning log.
        • Nathan did this
      • Waiting on landlord to go ahead with pipe install.
    • Broken Buttons
      • There are 7 of them up and running, ready to be installed in the space.
        • when?
  • we need to insulate the metal shop
    • Jared will get with interested parties about making this happen.
  • Space security has been an issue, people leaving doors unlocked and leaving, etc.
    • Tyler and Cave Troll are almost done with the indicator panel that will let all know of the open/closed status of all exterior doors in the space.

Cameras are almost done, thanks bill danielle is contacting the landlords about the parking lot camera.

  • member storage needs to be moved
  • long-term projects are in the works:
    • power wheels - for detroit MF
      • dj roomba?
    • library program - weekend after derby.
      • Jared is in contact with Hannah from the library.
    • maker faire detroit - when?
    • maker faire louisville - in the fall, early september.
    • collaborations with neighboring hackerspaces
      • hive 13?
      • Prishina Hackerspace Cosovo?
    • let’s do something for the derby festival
      • what?
  • What other 'space culture' activities are coming up soon?

arduino day is coming up

New Business

Woodshop/Metalshop Upgrades? How do we take out recycling? do we teach members how to do it? Location Survey, modifications before we send it out?

lge last month $642 way better than 1800 from last time.

maybe people paid twice accidentally, tyler is taking care of it. tyler has a debit card landlord needs to take care of room number labeling.

this will be cleaned up soon.


Meeting Start: 9:04 PM Meeting Stop: 10:11 PM Notes Taken by: Jared