O/D Meeting 12/06/2016

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CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL Meeting was called to order at 9:05 on Tuesday December 6th 2016

Present: Danielle Daniel by proxy. Nathan Jared Charles Raj Tyler Nick Andy José


    • Vote to permanently ban Ali Khushub from LVL1**

BUSINESS AS USUAL: 1 - Financial Report (Good/Bad/Ugly) 2 - Membership Generation/Retention (How Much and How Well?) 3 - Equipment Report (Broken report, space upgrades/downgrades assessment) 4 - Education/Programming Report (Outreach efforts, workshops, special events -- metrics & general effectiveness, as reported by those responsible) 5 - Happening Report -- a calendar check to make sure things are current, contacts are listed; also, a time to introduce new events & their details

BUSINESS FTW: 1 - LVL1 Election in January: Plan for engaging membership (Danielle) 2 - End of the Year Check-up: Anything we need to prep for? 3 - "WTF, LVL1?" -- Attendees bring up misc things they think should be addressed.