O/D Meeting 10/15/2013

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  • Officers and Directors present
  • Members present


Old Buisiness

  • Directors Insurance
    • Raj getting a new quote
  • MakerShips
  • Tool Repair
  • Attack the Boneyard!
    • 80% moved
    • Some shelves still need to be moved
  • Building

New Business

  • Officer elections coming up next meeting
  • Director's Insurance
    • Raj will follow up
    • Brad will follow up with our insurance agent
  • Makerships
    • Need to market more effectively.
  • Tool Repair
    • Changes were massively effective
  • Boneyard
    • Huge, disgusting mess
    • Science Center Volunteers
    • Dia de los Muertos Clean Up Day
  • Building
    • Josh will arrange glass building tour
    • No Stress, but keep our ears to the ground
  • Science Center Donations?
    • Danielle/Joseph leading it up
  • Filling things up quick
    • Organize the big room
    • Use loft as LVL1 Museum
      • Move out musical instruments
    • Armload of crap
  • LVLUp Kids Group
    • Need more details about how this group is going to proceed
    • Raj has "Agency Theory" concerns-- Can we get sued?
  • Josh has space upgrades coming down the pipe
    • Upstairs projector screen
      • Cross-linked into media center
  • On top of changing the keys
    • Happening next week
  • Community Foundation Grant
    • LVL1 is in the running