O/D Meeting 1/15/2019

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Finance and member report

  • finance reports (Dec and 2018)

New Officers and Directors

  • congrats!
  • state paperwork update
  • bylaw change update for wiki
  • budget

Workshops and events

  • Information Security classes
  • Lotion making classes
  • Arduino class coming - Brian
  • Others

Space and equipment

Still to do

  • Space lease renewal, space cleaning, bunker windows - Aaron Tazman, Wed 12/19, had meeting went well. No further status yet.
  • Grants - no progress yet
    • Community Foundation of Louisville
    • SBA Grant
  • Flyers and business cards - Memetech and Ben, Cards paid for. Still need to pick up.
  • Need to pick up saw blades that were sharpened. Brian will do this.

Round Table