O/D Meeting 09/19/2017

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Finance and member report

  • total members
  • new member email welcome


  • Social Media status? Amplifr working. Hootsuite moved to free account.

Workshops and events

  • Push for more!
  • Jewelry?
  • Date for next purge? Lets talk about this one.
  • Charles hack-a-thon

Space and equipment

  • CCTV Cameras - done
  • CNC - new software on design computer. Done
  • Vinyl Cutter new software - done
  • Jewelry area. Eric and Tim Miller working. Eric building a big table/desk station
    • $1150 to spend. How to choose tools. Thinking about survey to members...
  • Oculus- done. working
  • Wifi network in space, classroom needs occasional rebooting.
    • equipment ordered? Need to contact AAron
  • New CO2 extinguisher ordered?
  • Classroom window FAP - should I persue?
  • Flags / Sandwich boards / banner - designs by Joseph. Try to get FAP out this week.
  • Need to fix second projector to mirror first projector.
  • other issues?
  • Safety / Fire Officer
    • Eyewash? - done
    • Flammable bucket
    • Flammable cabinet - pricey???
    • What else?
  • Boneyard discussion