O/D Meeting 07/18/2017

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Finance and member report

  • Phil Bruns, Insurance


  • Social Media status? Jess and Andy are working on a schedule to keep the site up to date
    • Daniel - $99 lifetime social media thing - interested?
  • 250 Stickers ordered for MakerFaire. Where are the business cards? I looked.
  • Website work?
    • Slack channel - New Slack Channel made - need to integrate to LVL1 website
    • Does Website need a refresher? New theme, it has been a while
    • LIBA - Keep Louisville Weird - need to add to www.lvl1.org

Workshops and events

  • Push for more!
  • Date for next purge? Large member storage, Sept 16
  • Hackathon this weekend for the city? Not sure how this will play out.
  • End of the World Party on Eclipse Day Monday August 21 1-4pm. Eclipse at 12:27! Eclipse glasses? Cake?
  • Give for Good Louisville - Jared signed us up. September 14. Are we finished signing up?


  • Electrical - Finished
  • Cameras - Still need to finish
  • CNC - who is trained? New training needs to begin.
    • Brian and Meesh trained. Aaron, Jess, who else?
  • Interest in electric vehicle charger tied to our power. By the woodshop. We were approached.
  • Dirt and dust - Discuss how to go about sealing the floors
    • New date? Maybe a color? Blue? Or carpet?
    • Still on hold.
  • Occulus-
    • Need admin password for big workstation
    • have to use EyeFi X2 Utility
    • Brian will try to have it working by end of week. - Still di not happen. Still Bad President!
  • Equipment
    • Broken - other issues
    • 3D Printers - Status?
    • Small laser strain relief?
    • Location for Jewelry area? Bar?
    • Vectric Makerspace edition software?
  • Donations
    • Donation letter is on google drive
    • monitors
    • 3d powder printer??? what to do with this
  • Wifi network in space, classroom needs occasional rebooting. Do we need better equipment. Maybe we need to spend some money!
  • Printers are hard to print to.


  • Door white board Update?
  • Detroit Makerfaire plans? Danielle
  • T-shirts
    • On order. I will bring in footlocker to store.
  • Insurance
    • Phil intro
  • Bylaws
    • Thoughts about raising reimbursement clause to $200/600 or $250/750. Is this a problem?
  • Safety / Fire Officer
    • CO2 fire extinguisher
    • Eyewash?
    • Flammable bucket
    • Flammable cabinet
    • What else?