O/D Meeting 02/07/2012

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  • Officers and Directors
    • President - Chris C.
    • Vice President - Jon C.
    • Treasurer - Mark E.
    • Secretary - Tim M.
    • Brad L.
    • Josh W.
    • Dan B.
  • Members
    • Jose C.
    • Tyler M.

Legal Paperwork

  1. Secretary of State filing on our new Board of Directors
    1. Chris will send out information requests
  2. Talk about Directors Insurance.
    1. Mark will contact our insurance person.

501c3 status

  1. Honest possibilities of this going through..
    1. Chris talked to Kevin C. about our filing
      1. our mission statement needs to address the why are we here; rather than the how
      2. our membership setup is fine, Directors still maintain legal responsibility to maintain mission
      3. the word member is a red flag
      4. Self directed education
    2. Talk to a lawyer
  2. Fall out pitch and what is the clear plan B?
    1. space federation
    2. school factory
    3. gli corp


  1. Make the shopping list for the director Saturday space establishment
  2. Any code things that we need clarification on
  3. Which members do we need to contact to get the work completed... Handicapped Rails?

New Building

  1. What have we seen.
  2. What do we need to do based off of are current situation to have a solid escape plan.
  3. It would be good to have a plan B here.
  4. Where do we currently stand with the Landlord.
    1. should know more after 2/24
    2. remove spray paint


we need to start working on this.
Even if it just starts with us.
    • makerships

Membership Marketing

We need to continue expansion.. I would like some actionable steps here.. Even if its just a courier journal article

Big Room

Its out of control.. what are we going to do about it?


  1. There have been a couple times where we supposedly had responsibilities but wait.. no we don't its not in the by laws
  2. Procedural changes on things we do but are different in the bylaws
    1. remove mibs
    2. hard copies
    3. Reformed mission statement

Review Statement of Purpose

Providing workspace, equipment and other resources for communal use by all members.

  • Workspace
    • New upstairs Area
    • Expansion into Dead zone
    • Keeping space clean
  • Equipment
    • Broken tools
    • Needed tools
  • Materials
    • Better organization
    • labeling
    • LVL1 manual similar to Knottinghack
    • Upgrading LVL1 "Store"/"Vending" setup and items

Creating a safe and open environment for experimentation in technology and art.

  • SAFE
    • Do we put RFID on equipment
    • Mandatory safety training
    • on demand safety and use videos (Mother)
    • light switch
  • Open environment
    • discussed less creepy way for giving directions
      • Front Door
      • Side Ally

Encouraging continued learning through workshops, classes, seminars and mentoring.

  • How to get more workshops
  • Outside groups
  • paid Shop Stewart to provide assistance