O/D Meeting 01/17/2017

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In attendance:

  • President: Brian
  • VP: Jason
  • Secretary: Andy
  • Treasurer: Tyler
  • Director: Danielle
  • Director: Raj
  • Director: Jared
  • José
  • Josh Wilcox
  • Nathan Armentrout
  • Ben Hibben
  • Charles
  • David
  • Mike Revel


  • 1 - Financial Report (Good/Bad/Ugly)
    • We have money about $40,000 in bank. $20,000 has been earmarked.
    • LGE is $1200 for February.
    • Maybe we should redo our windows?
    • Maybe buy a smart thermostat (Daniel)
  • 2 - Membership Generation/Retention (How Much and How Well?)
    • On the upswing recently.
    • Membership by the month
      • Sept 66
      • Oct 67
      • Nov 66
      • Dec 69
      • Jan 71
    • Do we need to advertise more our voting-exemption?
    • Jason wants to begin a regular newsletter. (Check back in next meeting)
  • 3 - Equipment Report (Broken report, space upgrades/downgrades assessment)
    • Andy is doing a good job keeping track of if things are broken. many things are not broken.
    • Jim has done lots of work on lights in the metal shop.
    • Cody's work in the boneyard is very good also.
    • How do we encourage people to pay for 3d prints and vinyl?
    • Do we want a vending service?
  • 4 - Education/Programming Report (Outreach efforts, workshops, special events -- metrics & general effectiveness, as reported by those responsible)
    • What is the difference between Meetup, Facebook, lvl1.org, google groups, etc?
      • how do we know where people come from?
      • What do we intend to do about how to keep people posting things on these things.
      • How do we get people looking at our wiki page about how to make a workshop?
      • Do we want an aggregating service to push information out to multiple services, on a time schedule??
      • Do we want a virtual assistant?
      • Brian will organize a social-media meeting. Jan 24???
        • Flicker v/s instagram?
    • Workshops:
      • Daniel's workshop-a-thon went well, on all three fronts, rPi, arduino, and vinyl.
      • Do workshops that cost more get more visitors in the door reliably?
      • How do we keep track of information of thing.
        • Gamification?
        • Door Counter?
        • aggregate 'open times' data?


  • What's our primary push with the landlords at this time?
    • Electrical Upgrades
    • Introduce Brian as new president to the landlords.
  • What is the extent to which we want to rethink our outreach?
    • collaborative work with neighborhood hackerspaces?
    • louisville business community?
  • Marketing budget FAP?
    • Can we get more business cards printed?
    • what about a larger flier, like postcard sized?
    • stickers.
    • Danielle is planning an outreach meeting. Get back next meeting on this.
  • "WTF, LVL1?" -- Attendees bring up misc things they think should be addressed.
  • Ali and the police station need to be notified of the harassment ban officially through snail-mail.


Next meeting Feb 21st Called to order - 9:00 Adjourned - 10:34