O&D Meeting 03/15/2022

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O&D Meeting 03/15/2022

Tonight's Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Andy @ 9:02 PM

  • Opening statement
  • February minutes approved

Board in Attendance

 President - Andy Miller
 Vice President-Tim Miller
 Secretary-Ann McWilliams
 Treasurer-Tiffany Haynie
 Director-at-large - Bill "Lockadoc" Schwab
 Director-at-large - Raj Shah
 Director-at-large - Charles "The Hat" Lehman


All board members present

Members in Attendance


Treasurer's Report

Tiffany: Pike13 and Republic Bank end of month reporting doesn’t match. Timing issue. There are 72 members as of tonight. 64 members needed to cover expenses. We are solvent. Financial snapshot for February, 2022 reviewed. Variable expenses: Amazon, Other, credit card processing. Other expenses generally constant. Enough in makership account to support 10 makerships.

LVL1 Financials for February, 2022 February Financial snapshot presented:


  • Dues - Pike 13 $ 3,150.00
  • Dues - PayPal 350.00
  • Total for Feb - $ 3,500.00


  • CC Processing $ 127.18
  • Insurance 138.85
  • Amazon 53.99
  • Zoom 31.78
  • LG&E 417.95
  • Other 455.00 (dumpster for March purge)
  • Rent 1,500.00
  • Pike13 149.00
  • Bank Fee 2.95
  • Flickr 6.99
  • PayPal 10.43
  • Expenses Total $ 2,894.12

  • Republic Balance $ 49,882.11
  • PayPal Balance $ 705.16

  • Makership Fund $ 2,645.00 (included in Republic balance above)
  • Hat Grant $ 140.41 (included in Republic balance above)
  • Emergency Fund $ 9,198.12 (included in Republic balance above)
    • CD 239 $3,061.51
    • CD 190 $3,061.51
    • CD 220 $3,075.10

Unfinished Business

  • Andy has contacted Wesbanco Insurance and is waiting for the letter about the alcohol rider

Equipment Repairs and report

  • Shopbot is almost fixed - Daniel
  • Ordering furnace filters tonight.

Finished Business

  • "The Purge" has happened.

Space Improvements

  • Andy will reach out to Patrick about his large member storage plan since it just passed.
  • The boneyard clean out is complete.
  • There is a month-long open dialogue that will take place on the member's list for the reconfiguration of the boneyard. Post your ideas for viable uses. At the end of that period, we will compile suggestions, determine the next use for the boneyard space, and put an action plan in place to make it happen.

New Business

  • On order - Shopbot parts and furnace filters
  • Quickbook update – our version will soon be non-supported. Andy and Tiffany will upgrade to latest version. Approx. $40.
  • Amy's Tea Party
  • Membership sign-ups - another signup in progress tonight which will bring our member count to 73.
  • Letter to Kenneth Butler, drafted by Raj with advice from an attorney, will be sent tomorrow. The full text of the letter is below and posted on the LVL1 Directors shared drive. Bottom line: Butler will have 30 days to remove his property. If not removed, we will dispose of his property at our discretion, with removal and remediation at his cost.
    • Discussion around having law enforcement present when Butler removes property. Bill Schwab will arrange if necessary.
    • Should Butler enter the space other than under supervision to retrieve his property, members are advised not to engage. Walk away and call 911. Make sure any interaction is within camera range.


  • Andy – would like to do a mini-hackathon to get members back engaged with the space. Asks us to think about it.
  • Tim – started discussion about doing a real hackathon soon. Possibly Useless Thing or Pandemic hackathon. Tim will talk to Patrick and Charles about firming up a topic and date.
  • Michael – looking for better ewaste resource. Andy: great, that but should be a one-off effort – we need to get out of having to deal with ewaste and ‘donations’ at all.

Review of events and happenings


Meeting was adjourned at 9:51 PM.

Letter to Kenneth Butler

Letter to Kenneth Butler
LVL1, Inc.
1205 East Washington, Suite LL100
Louisville, KY 40206
Kenneth Butler
address redacted
Louisville KY redacted
Re: Personal Property at LVL1
Mr. Butler,
You currently have personal property stored without authorization at LVL1, Inc., located at 1205 East Washington, Suite LL100, Louisville, KY 40206 (hereinafter referred to as “LVL1”). This includes, but is not limited to, the following items:
1. A snack vending machine and its contents.
2. A bill changer installed inside a LVL1 soda vending machine.
3. A control board installed inside a LVL1 soda vending machine.
4. A third-party lock installed inside a LVL1 soda vending machine.
5. Soda cans contained inside a LVL1 soda vending machine.
6. Bicycle components, including frames, stored on the shelf of Rob Bracco.
(hereinafter collectively referred to as “your property”).
The vending machine in particular is in a state of disrepair, is filled with expired food, and is currently leaking fluid. While LVL1 maintains you never had authorization to store your property at LVL1 or to install and operate your unauthorized components inside LVL1’s soda vending machine, to the extent to which you believe you may have had past authorization, LVL1 hereby expressly and explicitly revokes any such past, current, and future authorization.
You are hereby given notice that you must remove your property without our assistance and at your sole expense by or on 4/15/2022 during one single trip. If your property remains at LVL1 after 4/15/2022, it will be disposed of at our sole discretion. Any costs or fees incurred from disposing of your property, any costs and fees incurred for cleaning to restore LVL1 property or premises to its initial condition, and any costs and fees incurred for repairing any damage to LVL1 property or premises will be billed solely to you.
Please contact us immediately by emailing us at Directors@lvl1.org to arrange a date and time to remove your property.
This letter serves as your final and exclusive notice to remove your property from LVL1.
Andy Miller
LVL1 President