Micro Weather Station

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Micro Weather Station

  • Hosts: Brian and Andy
  • 2/29/20
  • Build a Micro Weather Station using a Wemos D1 Mini, 1.3" OLED display, 3D Printed enclosure


  • Wemos D1 Mini 4M (Not the lite version with 1M)


Setup the Wemos D1 mini for the Arduino

hook up the screen

  • Solder dupont headers to 5V, Gnd, D3 and D4 on the Wemos D1 Mini
  • connect the other end of dupont headers to oled screen
  • see the below pics to see where the wires are soldered.



Load Weather Station software


1. First download and install these two libraries

You do this by clicking the green button on the above web pages and click the GREEN 'Clone or Download' button and download the zip files for both.

2. Next install these libraries into the Arduino Software

  • Sketch->Include Library->Add .Zip library... then choose the zip file you previously downloaded and install.

3. Now open the Weather Station Demo code...

  • File->Examples->ESP8266 Weather Station->Weather Station Demo

4. Now you will see the Weather Station Demo code and you will need to replace it with the code here WeatherStationDemoCode . Copy and paste all of it.

  • Modify the WIFI settings needed for home and work
  • Copy and paste code into the weatherstation code

5. At this point you should be able to upload your code to the D1 Mini board and enjoy the weather