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Formerly Mend It Monday, now Mendnesday is a biweekly meetup group focused on fixing things around LVL1. Stop by every other Wednesday (see this week's meeting agenda for next date) at 7 PM and help LVL1 to continue bunches of awesome tools for free use!

Task List

  • Hang fluorescent lighting in the wood shop and metal shop
  • Replinish med kit and add one to wood shop
  • Grind down half brick wall in wood shop (75% done)
  • Install more lighting in the wood shop
  • Install electric pull downs in wood shop
  • Fix PLA Makerbot
  • Make posters for
    • No dust making
    • No painting
    • No smells around the laser cutter

Maintenance Items

  • Clean out 3D printer trays (scrap)
  • Clean out laser cutter beds
  • Clean laser cutter mirrors
  • Level 3D printer beds / apply new tape

Tasks Accomplished

  • 04/06/2015
    • Built new electronics work stations
    • Moved old electronics work station to boneyard for part tear downs
    • Taped off electric panel floor space to keep void of items
    • Wood shop halfwall concrete removed (75%)
  • 03/23/2015
    • Lulzbot TAZ fixed
    • New woodshop workbenches for tools (21 ft)
    • Wood shop deep cleaned & reorganized
    • Moved raw materials away from the electric panel
    • Built new pallet box for scrap wood
    • Metal shop concrete on floor removed