Lincoln HD175 MIG Welder

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Owner: Patrick Joyce Status: On loan to the space

175 amp wire fed welder. 220V power required.

This welder is capable of MIG (GMAW process) welding and flux core (FCAW process) welding. It is generally set up for MIG, please do not switch wire or processes unless specifically instructed and authorized by the owner.

Wire and tips: The wire generally used is .030 ER70S-6 wire, usually a 12.5 spool purchased at Lowe's (I believe Lincoln SuperArc L-56 is the current brand). Do not use Harbor Freight welding wire, it is crap. The welding tips MUST match the size of the wire, a box of Lincoln brand .030 tips are usually purchased at the same time as wire.

Gas Bottle refilling instructions: The gas bottle is also owned by Patrick Joyce. It is only to be refilled at Welders Supply Company of Louisville located on Boxley Avenue near U of L. Bring the bottle, leave it at the top of the steps on the left side of the showroom (do not bring it inside, do not put it among the other many other bottles on the dock), go inside and tell them you need to refill a bottle. If they ask, the gas is C25 (75% Argon, 25% CO2), they will exchange the bottle for a full one. A refill costs $32 at time this was written.

Turn off the welder, turn the bottle valve clockwise to the fully closed position. Use the 1" wrench kept on the welding cart to loosen the regulator, then unscrew by hand. Unhook the bungie holding the bottle to the cart, and remove bottle. Important: The bottle MUST be strapped down when transporting. If it rolls, it could either open the valve (bad *) or snap off the valve (much worse **). When replacing the bottle, it MUST be strapped or chained to the cart, otherwise it almost certainly WILL tip over if the cart is moved, possibly taking the welder with it, possibly snapping the valve off (see above).

'*' bad - you can safely breathe this, as it is inert, however, it doesn't contain those oxygen molecules your body likes, so continued respiration will make you safely dead. Also, it wastes the gas.

'**' worse - 2100psi released suddenly can shoot the cylinder through a cinder block wall, it has not been conclusively demonstrated how many human bodies it would go through, however that number is certainly greater than 1.