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LVL1 Wiki Hackathon, Saturday, 12 January 2019, 12:00 noon - 8:00pm


You need a wiki account to contribute to the wiki. We recommend that you create an account before the day of the hackathon if you can, but we'll be happy to assist you the day of.

To create an account, click the Create account link at the top right corner of this page. If you have an account, click the Log in link.


Adding to a wiki is relatively easy -- you click edit, add text, preview your work, and then save it. Of course, there's a little more to it than that, but we will provide training as part of the hackathon for anyone who wants it. See the Task List section below for a list of the major goals for this hackathon.


We'd like to have a record of who is contributing during this hackathon. (There might be prizes at the end!) And we want to give you a shout out out at the next Tuesday night open meeting.

Edit this section and add your account ID and name to this list:

  • Tvansant - Tim VanSant
  • Vgarness - Virgil Garness
  • pdgossen - Paul Gossen
  • apshah700 - Amy Shah
  • RJgleitz - Rick Gleitz
  • Michalsen - Eric Michalsen
  • Mgurav - Mitesh Gurav
  • notyou007a - Jared McNeil


You can edit the wiki from any internet-connected computer. If you are using a public computer -- like the ones in our classroom -- we recommend that you do so in an incognito window (Chrome) or private window (Firefox). Remember to close the window when you are finished. If you leave the computer while logged in, anyone could gain access to your account. (We recommend this when your are accessing any personal information like email or social media accounts from any public computer.)

Please do not delete wiki pages

Some of the info on our wiki is outdated. There are still pages for equipment that we no longer have, for example. Please do not delete pages. If a page is outdated, the information may still be useful for a historical record if nothing else. You should instead add some text at the top of the page indicating that it is outdated. If appropriate, you should also provide a link to a page that contains current information. You should also see which pages link to the outdated page and update those.


Please keep the formatting of information that you add or edit consistent with the existing format. It may help to click edit on an existing page and then close it without making any changes to see some specific examples. A formatting guide is [here].


You can use our Oculus_LVL1_2018 camera to take pictures of equipment or procedures for the wiki. Those pictures automatically transfer to the design computer and they can be uploaded to the wiki from there. Please keep in mind that pictures taken with that camera also load onto the LVL1 Facebook page and Flickr photostream.

The images should transfer to the design computer within a minute or so of taking the picture. (You may notice the Eye-Fi Card transfer process in a small window in the bottom right corner of the design computer monitor.) From the design computer:

  • Log in to (Since this is a public computer, we recommend you use an incognito window.)
  • Use the Upload file link in the left column of the wiki page. (You may open it in a separate window or tab.)
    • In the Source file section, click on the Choose File button.
    • Navigate to C:\Users\LVL1\Dropbox\oculus and select your photo.
    • In the File description section, the image file name should be copied into the Destination filename box. It is usually not necessary to change this, but you may give it a more descriptive name if you wish.
    • In the Summary box of the File description section, please enter a brief description of the image.
    • Click the Upload file button at the bottom of the page.
  • After the file uploads, you should see a page for the image with the filename at the top which can be copied and pasted into any of our wiki pages.
    • The Help page for image formatting is [[1]], but frankly that page seems to be more confusing than helpful. You may prefer to find a page on our wiki that has images formatted the way you want them and look at the code used there.
      • Here's a format for images in line with text that works well for many pages. Note that the image_name and type (.jpg, for example) are case sensitive.
 [[File:image_name.jpg|640px|thumb|center|frame|caption for the image here]]
 <br clear=all>

Task List

Here are some of the things we know need to be worked on. Some of these are really easy. Some of these we know may be beyond the scope of this hackathon. If you think there is something our wiki needs that we have not listed, please let us know. (Especially if you are volunteering to do the work!)

  • Update links on Resources page
    • Take one section at a time. Click the links. If the link is no longer valid, remove it from the list.
    • Longer term, we should solicit up-to-date links that can be added to this page.
  • Update links on Equipment page
    • Take one section at a time. Click the links.
      • If the equipment is no longer in service, do not delete the page. Edit the text to show it as out of service. If you know why it was removed from service, a brief note about that would be helpful. If the equipment has been replaced, add a link to the new equipment. Check which pages link to the outdated page and update those too.
      • Some of the locations for equipment still refer to where they were in the old space. These should be updated.
      • If you know of new equipment that is not yet documented on the wiki, add it to the list. Gather as much information as you can and create a page for it.
  • New page(s) for the Prusa 3D printers
    • Tutorial(s) on using the Prusa 3D printers
      • Document the differences between the single-filament and multi-filament printers.
    • Document the default settings (and how to reset them if they have been changed) on the Prusa 3D printers
  • New page for the table saw in the wood shop
    • Note: The safety and instructions from the Ridgid_Table_Saw page can probably be largely copied as is.
    • Tutorial on how (and when) to remove/replace the guard.
    • Tutorials on special functions like cutting dadoes and using the cross-cut sled.