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After attending the San Mateo Makerfaire in 2008 several people from Louisville decided to band together and start a hackerspace in Louisville. The articles of incorporation were filed by Brain Wagner in December of 2009 with himself, Mark Endicott, and Chris Cprek as the Board of Directors.

Initially the founding members of the LVL1 hackerspace met at a local bar for a few months while collecting dues, organizing the initial bylaws, and searching for a place to meet. Formal meetings started in January of 2009 where Chris Cprek was elected as President with Brian Wagner as Vice President. The treasurer was Mark Endicott and the secretary was Bill Piepmeyer. Cindy Harnett, Joe Pugh, and Todd Chandler were elected as Director's at Large.

Eventually they found a spot at in the back of a building at 814 E Broadway and moved in on June 8th of 2010. The first Open House was hosted on July 6th in lieu of the regular open meeting.

While in this space LVL1 maintained an excellent relationship with our landlords and eventually ended up using the entire space we were in rather than the smaller area we were officially renting. LVL1 built many additions and improvements to the space while working hard to grow the local Maker Movement community.

Eventually it became clear, however, that we needed a larger space better suited to our needs. Thus on the 5th of August, 2014 LVL1 moved to 1205 E Washington Street, a few miles from the original space.