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LVL1 as an organization has talked a lot about competing and winning an award in the Guinness Book of World Records. According to their website, "The Guinness World Records is the official book keepers of the ultimate record-breaking facts & achievements". Though at this time we are unsure of what event we would compete in we have compiled a list of current records which we think we can potentially beat and are using this wiki to develop an ongoing list of potential new categories or idea's. THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION

2012 Records

This is a list of some of the records in the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records

Interesting Engineering

Largest Roll of Toliet Paper

  • 5ft 7in with a surface area of 602,779ft^2

Largest Bubblegum Bubble Blown

  • 20in (50.8cm)

Largest Free-Floating Soap Bubble

  • 483ft^3 (13.67m^3)

Largest Frozen Soap Bubbble 0.15ft^3(4,315.7cm^3) Most People Inside a Soap Bubble

  • 94

Largest Whoopee Cushion

  • 10ft in diameter

Tallest Stack of Mattress

  • 12Ft 9in (KY)

Largest Tetris Game

  • 1,138 ft^2

Smallest Code Breaking Supercomputer

  • Built by Pico Computing.. 400 bucks

Largest Flaming Image

  • 107ft^2 composed of 329,700 matches

Most Participation

Most Entries in a Two Person Pantomime race

  • 37 (2) person teams or 74 people

Largest Gathering of People Dress in Sumo Suits

  • 205 People in a 3 mile sumo run

Most Simultaneous Full Body Burns

  • 17 Participants stayed alight for 43.9 seconds

Out of the Ordinary

Most Tops Spun at the Same Time

  • 22

Leapfrog jumps in 30 seconds by a pair

  • 25

Most Sugar Glass Bottles Broken on the Head in 30 Seconds

  • 56

Fastest Time to Duct Tape a Person to a Wall

  • 55.03 seconds

Fastest Time to Blow Up a Balloon with a 100 m Fire House

  • 7min 49 Seconds

Crossing the Ocean

Fastest Time Crossing the Pacific Crown by Solar Power

  • 10,000 miles in 148 days

Flights of Fancy

Farthest Flight by a paper aircraft

  • The furthest flight by a paper aircraft flew 207ft 4 inches

Longest Duration Flight By Helium Balloons

  • 57 Balloons, flew 37 hours 26 min 57 secs and traveled 109 miles achieving a peak altitude of 7,474 ft

Fastest Remote Control Aircraft

  • 293 knots or 338 mph

Big Food

Largest Ice Cream Cone

  • 9ft 2.6in tall

Largest Pizza

  • 122ft 8in and weighed over 13tons

Largest Cream Filled Cookie

  • 2ft X 1ft X 2.5in and weighted 25lbs

Largest Falalfel Ball

  • weighed 24lbs

Food Feats

Chicken Nuggets

  • 17 Piece Chicken McNugget in 3mins

Fastest time to eat two bags of watercress

  • 3oz (85g) in 49.69 sec

Most Mar bars eaten in a min

  • 3

Most Mentos Soda Fountains

  • 2,865

Largest Serving of Fried Chicken

  • 1,645lbs

Die Hards

Longest non stop lan party

  • lasted 40 hours and completed by 274 gamers


Cheapest Production Automobile

  • Cost 2500 and can reach speeds of 43 mph

Fastest Solar Powered Vehicle

  • 55.139 mph called the Sunswift IV

Fastest Old Person Scooter

  • 69 mph

Longest Flight by a Solar UAV

  • 336hr 22min

LVL1 Competition Ideas


  • Largest Cotton Candy Machine
  • Largest Pop Corn Machine
  • Largest Disco Ball
  • Largest Key Board
  • Biggest Taco


  • Furthest Toss by a Trebuchet
  • Furthest launching of food products.

Most of

  • Most people Duct Taped to a Wall
  • Most Simultaneous Suicides by a Robot