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There are two primary places on Flickr where you can see photos from and about LVL1:

The LVL1 Hackerspace Photostream

The LVL1 Hackerspace page collects photos taken with the Oculus camera (see Oculus_LVL1_2018) in and around the hackerspace. These photos are automagically uploaded through the design computer and Dropbox to both Flickr and the LVL1 Facebook page. We encourage you to take photos of cool projects with that camera if you wish. You do not need a Flickr account of your own to use the camera or to view our photostream online.

The Flickr Group

The LVL1 Flickr Group is a place where individual members can contribute their own photos. You do need a Flickr account of your own to join and participate in this group, but not to view the photos posted there.

If You do NOT have a FLickr Account

Even if you do not have a personal Flickr account you can view all the public* photos from both the LVL1 Hackerspace Photostream and the LVL1 Flickr Group. (*Not all photos are public. Flickr allows some restrictions on the privacy of photos -- for example they may be visible only to friends or family.) Flickr may also allow you to download copies of photos, but if you do make sure you use and credit them properly. See the Flickr Help pages for details on their acceptable use policies.

So, Why Join?

If you can see photos without an account, why bother joining? If all you want to do is see what other people are posting there is no reason for you to join Flickr. But you do need an account to mark photos as favorites, to make comments on them, or to post and share your own photos.

If You DO have a Flickr Account

Personal Flickr accounts are free. Here are a few of the benefits of having a personal account:

  • You can follow LVL1 (and many other photographers too, of course) so you never miss a photo
  • You can mark photos as favorites
  • You can make comments on photos
  • You can make collections of other people's photos called Galleries (See these for example)
  • You can upload and share your own photos
  • You can join the LVL1 Flickr Group to make it even easier to share your photos with other makers