Disturbing Robot Project

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Actual Quote "All that it touches, it corrupts"

The arm is coming along.

JAC DR Arm Proto X.jpg

The wrist and hand are set.

JAC DR Arm Proto X Hand 2.jpg

JAC DR Arm Proto X Hand 1.jpg

The elbow should hold together.

JAC DR Arm Proto X Elbow.jpg

The shoulder requires a modification for mounting to the body.


Actual Quote "Time to here the Master's voice"

The voice box for the beast has been built. See it:



Actual Quote "Disturbing Robots should be heard as well as seen."

The robot will have a voice. Below are two links to the robots voice development.

Initial [1]

Likely [2]


Actual Quote "The People for the Ethical Treatment of Robots (PETR) will have decide that this robot should be torn apart with extreme prejudice."

Here are representations of four different shoulder configurations under study. The rendered images are based on CAD models and the photo is of actual assembled prototypes. The issue is how many ways to reproduce two degrees of motion to mimic a shoulder. This joint will also experience the full weight of the arm as it flings stuff at the audience.

Assembled Prototypes.jpg

CAD Prototypes.jpg


Actual Quote "Arm thyself with knowledge and you will be the smartest one in the cemetery."

M1M0 Arm.jpg

This is an early arm prototype. It has 6 degrees of motion, not freedom because William Wallace hates chimps. The SHOULDER is going to be replaced and the ELBOW needs work plus the WRIST still needs tinkering. And if Lynxmotion wants to send me free parts for the arm as advertisement then so be it. If Lynxmotion wants to send me free parts inorder to have me not mention them then so be it also.


Actual Quote "The hair makes the primate."

Prototype Head.jpg

For those of you curious, or just plain nostril fanboys, embedded in the nose are infrared emmiters that are paired with sensors in the eyes to initiate tracking. So basically, those cold dead eyes will follow your every move.


Actual Quote "Seeing is believing, except when it comes to organizational charts."

Initial Project Scope.jpg


Every project needs a back-story. Some back-stories are simple while others are confusing. So, to make this simple, I am going to create one that is confusing.

Actual Quote "The best way to start a future partnership is to begin with a lie about the past."

Mission Statement

We at ΨβερΔιν Industries are not blind to the future. We realize that our work in robotics, artificial intelligence, biomechanics and weapon systems will eventually doom mankind. But an apocalypse can put a damper on business. So, we have decided to set a course to serve those who we cherish the most, our shareholders.

Our shareholders can best be described as “old money”. They have made it to the top of the game and have definitely done worse then what we might do in the future. Extensive review of actuary tables leads us to believe that “old money” will be around for only a few more years. At that point, the succeeding generation will inherit the cash and squander it. Until then, we will keep “old money” happy with high profits and dividends. Our “old money” near-term strategy simply requires us to delay Armageddon until the squandering generations takes over. Then its time to cash-out and watch the fireworks.

Course To A Possible Future

If mankind is destined to annihilate itself with the fruits of our labors, then so be it. But time is of the essence, but not the way you think. In order to progress down the road of the inevitable, we at ΨβερΔιν need to establish a weigh station. It is at this weigh station where we will seek profit and innovation until such time that the succeeding generation sell their shares. This weigh station shall be our temporal safety bubble. Here we will set the stage for what will come next, while acting oblivious to our destiny.

So, if we are not aiming for the sky, we will aim for the trees. By setting this vista as our goal, we can cast our net for market share and secure the basis for the eventual escalation. It is with this “TreeNet” that we will proceed until the future is ripe for the upgrade.


Mankind came down from the trees long before it was mankind. It is this journey, that set the destiny of mankind. It is this journey that sets the destiny for ΨβερΔιν. We will pool our resources in robotics, artificial intelligence, biomechanics and weapon systems to produce our signature product of the near-term future. A product to be the first of a C-100 line with model 101 as prototype.

All these abstract words and numbers can only go so far. What you want to know, is where this is all heading. So, I’ll spell it out for you.

A Cybernetic Chimpanzee:

  • Underneath a hyper-alloy combat chassis
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Fully Armored
  • Surrounded by living tissue
  • Flesh, skin, hair, blood, sweat, bad breath, everything


And so it begins,

Upon this page shall be the recorded progress of the "Disturbing Robot Project"

The goal is to create a robot that will cause the following reaction:

Actual Quote "When a visitor sees it scooting across the floor towards them, their first reaction should be to tear off their own skin and use it as a distraction as they run for the door."

More to follow...

  • Basic Outline of information disclosure:
  • Develope a backstory
  • Explanation of robot
  • Breakdown by functional units
  • Component selection
  • Draft designs
  • Assembled prototypes