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The LVL1 Hackerspace Community Development Initiative, is a list of tasks that are focused on the maintenance and/or improvement of our community hacker space. As this is a community-driven space, unless otherwise noted, all of the tasks here are open to anyone who is willing to participate and get their hands dirty, so feel free to dig in! (This page used to be the Space To-Do list; that depreciated list is included at the bottom.)

Space Planning

If you have an idea on how LVL1 Hackerspace could be improved or better maintained and would like to have a new task created on the Community Development Initiative, please bring your idea to the Tuesday Open Meeting & Making night to be heard by the community. Ideas that are fully formed and responded to positively by other participants will then be added to the agenda by William at that time. Once this page has been fully updated and guidelines established, you will be welcome to make additions to the agenda on your own.

To determine the current status of any task, simply reference the Task Progress Legend below:

Task Progress Legend
Plain Text Emphasis Bold Underline Strikethrough

Tasks by Working Area

All tasks that are related to working areas of the space.

Building Maintenance

  • Weatherproof Windows
  • Figure out why WOPR doesn't work anymore.

Sewing and Cutting Station

Vinyl Cutting

Wood Shop

Metal Shop

  • Finish getting the hardware storage up along the wall
  • Redo the electrical distribution to the big lathe and milling machine. (Ask Ned about this one.)

Hand Tools & Hardware

  • Put loner tools on top of the red cabinet back where they belong
  • Figure out why the screwdriver drawer sticks, and fix it.

Laser Cutters

Jewelry Working Station

  • Setup the donated industrial stone-cutting tools.

3D Printers

(2D) Printers

  • Setup the donated 3-in-1 printer, and get it on the network.

Electronics & Soldering



Tasks by Storage Area

All tasks that are related to storage areas of the space.

Main Room

  • Either fit the rectangular duct to the circular duct to pipe the HVAC across the whole room or take the circular ducts down.


  • Keep stuff out of the aisles.

Electronic Components

  • Identify and sort the resistors back into bins based on the resistance, after that bin fell over they're all mixed together again.
  • Sort Capacitors into Electrolytic, Ceramic, etc
  • Sort Caps by capacitance.
  • Re-identify an area for the already organized bins of connectors and headers to live.
  • Keep generic boneyard out of the electronics components area.
  • Finish clearing off the industrial controls shelf and integrate the items from that shelf into the electronics components area.

Metal & Wood

  • Systematize storage based on size, to allow for easy access to both large and small pieces as needed.
  • Take the Flourescent bulbs to Hazmat to get some more space for wood storage.

Large Member Storage

  • Get stuff up off the floor and either under or on a shelf.

Small Member Storage

  • Consider your own member shelf; boneyard projects that you're not actually working on.
  • Buy another member if their stuff is not properly stowed on a shelf or in large member storage.

Community Project Storage

  • Bug the Powerwheels team to clean up their sh*t.
  • Hang up unused projects from the ceiling to keep them out of the way and show off.

Network Racks

Previously Completed Tasks

A special "Thank You!" goes out to every person, member and non-member, of the LVL1 Hackerspace Community who has donated time, money or equipment and supplies to our space in order to maintain or improve it as per the Community Development Initiative. We are what we are because of all the wonderful people, like you, who have stepped forward and made an effort to help make this space a reality!

The following tasks were previously completed prior to the re-purposing of this page, but we'd still like to give credit for all things made possible:

  • Reorganizing this webpage (Thanks William Bond!)
  • Permanent place for Shapeoko Mill and Rolling Table for clean/dirty use (Thanks, TVS)
  • Mount Metal Shop Ventilation (Tim Miller, Aaron Verdow, Charles Sperbeck, Patrick Joyce)
  • Move and organize usable metal (Tim Miller, Aaron Verdow, Charles Sperbeck, Patrick Joyce)
  • Hang and mount welding screens (Tim Miller, Aaron Verdow, Charles Sperbeck, Patrick Joyce)
  • 'Old Science Center kidney thing' is now LVL1 Kidney Sound Table with Record Player. (Jared)

Below this line is the remaining items from the previous Space TODO List. All item statuses are being verified by the community and will be updated as appropriate in the coming days. Thank you!

--Try to create well-defined actionable items. Failing that, identify possible improvements that need a plan developed. Place them in the appropriate category. If you do something move it to the complete category with the names of those who need to be celebrated.

Actionable Items

  • Continue to cut and take down in sections the green pipe hanging from the ceiling to make room for HVAC system.
    • Most of the green pipe has been removed. the HVAC system needs an adapter from the rectangular vent in the wall to the circular system hanging in the main room.
  • LED signs at 2 inside entrances and parking lot window
  • Set up speakers and audio system(s) in common room and possible class room and wood/metal shop

Aaron Verdow's list

    • Get more cable ends
    • Run ethernet to wood shop
    • Run ethernet to 'concession stand' for console game systems.
    • Sand down ends in panel B so the blank spots can be filled in (done?)
    • Setup mail server on file server for Brad's scan thing
    • Setup KVM on file server
    • Move Testing servers down a couple U's, install new PDU and testing switch
    • Move station files out of \\files\shared and into their own shares
    • Print auto bed leveling parts for Taz
    • Setup auto bed leveling on Taz
    • Document using Slic3r
    • Setup one click printing
    • Rename taz in udev rules
    • Create "Where's my Pi?" DHCP monitor
    • Setup some sort of monitoring system

Metal shop list

  • Reassemble brake/shear/slip roller
    • the three-in-one has a crack in the frame. it might be worth welding back together?

Contact David Ortiz-Grob or Jim for further metal shop direction.