Cleaning crews

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The plan here is to split our membership into 4 teams (Colors), then each team is responsible for the cleaning of the space for 1 month in rotation. That way, not everyone is cleaning all the time!

Brian - Director of Janitorial Services and Microbial Experimentation

Here are the Color Teams


August, December, April

  • Brian Wagner
  • Tim Hardin
  • Grace Simrall
  • Chris Pettus
  • David Stiger
  • John Hicks


September, January, May

  • James Chandler
  • Cindy Harnett
  • Mike Lutz
  • Bill Piepmeyer
  • Richard Strothman


October, February, June

  • Chris Cprek
  • Catherine Harper
  • Brad Luyster
  • Galen Powers
  • Todd Welsh
  • Rob Kelly


November, March, July

  • Dan Bowen
  • Mark Endicott
  • Tyler Martin
  • Timothy Miller
  • Joe Pugh
  • Jennifer Smith