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What is LvL1?

LvL1 is a group of dedicated individuals working to build a Makerspace in Louisville, Kentucky. We are a non-profit organization following the hackerspace model currently flourishing in cities all over the world. Our goal is to create an open workspace where engineers, artists and educators can meet and collaborate

What is a Makerspace?

A MakerSpace is a real, physical place (not online) where like-minded people can work on cool projects. It is community where you can learn to solder, work on some programming, build with wood or metal and collaborate with other engineers, artists, geeks and propeller-heads. A Makerspace can be viewed as an open community lab, workbench, machine shop, workshop and/or studio where people of diverse backgrounds can come together to share resources and knowledge to learn and build/make things.

The idea for this comes from the many HackerSpaces in Germany, Austria, New York, San Fransisco and others. If this sounds like something you might like to be part of, please read through this page and join in on the discussion.