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  1. Please Sign in on the meeting attendance roster.
  2. Waivers of Liability - Please sign if you have not already
  3. n00bs! Check out the LVL1 Quickstart info sheet next to the liability waivers. Feel free to ask questions.
  4. Old Business
    1. Equipment Wanted
      1. 10-12 gauge wire for high wattage motors
  5. New Business
    1. Space Upgrades
      1. Wood lathe tools (Thanks Becki!)
      2. Cleared out old KIPCUG computers for recycling
    2. Pivotal Tracker for space bugs, requested features
      1. https://www.pivotaltracker.com/projects/346747/overview
      2. 2 items completed, 9 current, about 4 items looking for owners
  6. Upcoming Workshops & Events
    1. Vogt Awards application deadline (9/30)
      1. $250K available to local inventors
      2. http://www.vogtawards.com/Homepage/home.htm
    2. Derbycon (9/30-10/2) tickets on sale now
    3. Louisville Public Library Technology Boot Camp (Sat 10/8)
      1. http://www.lfpl.org/bootcamp.html
      2. 6 minute talks and/or demonstration tables
    4. Daycon in Dayton, Oh (10/10-10/12)
    5. Sumobot competition and Halloween party (10/29) need prizes
    6. hackerSPACE in Lexington (11/11-11/12)
  7. Oculus Week In Review
  8. Project Rollcall


  1. Call to order at 805 pm by mikrokernel. Brad is the co-pilot also know as the AV squad. 28 humans and one air swimmer present.
  2. Add to the Calendar... 9/24 0x3C party at LVL1. AKA the "I may be old, but I got see most of the good bands" Party.
  3. Project Roll Call
  4. If you have stuff in the front room, take it home. The landlord wi likely to give us short notice to empty it.
    1. Dan discussed the upcoming White Star restarted project. Volunteers needed as soon as the jet stream gets better.
    2. Chris talked about his brain mapping device.
    3. Brad needs some large (approx 10 kv capacitors) for exploding watermelons
    4. Pat is going to set up leave one take book library
    5. Tyler will get RFID cards for members that don't already have one
  5. Adjourn at 840 pm.