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  1. Please Sign in on the meeting attendance roster.
  2. Waivers of Liability - Please sign if you have not already
  3. n00bs! Check out the LVL1 Quickstart info sheet next to the liability waivers. Feel free to ask questions.
  4. Space Upgrades
    1. Push latch for the door (Thanks Bill S.!)
    2. New workbenches (Thanks Jeff!)
    3. Basement stairs railing (Thanks ?)
  5. Periodical subscriptions for the space (Jeff)
    1. Back issue donations are welcome.
  6. September 18th (Saturday) is Software Freedom Day
    1. We will celebrate it here at the space. Ideas for celebration are welcome!
    2. http://softwarefreedomday.org/
  7. ideaFestival (Sept 29th - Oct 2nd)
    1. email webmaster@lvl1.org if you want to pitch a project
    2. It's getting close, so if I don't get any project proposals soon I'm going to let the organizers know to pass on us.
    3. Focus on interactive projects that can be displayed and not necessarily manned.
  8. "Beyond Arduino" recap
    1. Great job Brad!
  9. Surface Mount Soldering Workshop? (Dan/Brad)
  10. "Micro Mondays" and other Study Groups (Brad)
  11. Long distance balloon project meeting thurs (Dan)
  12. Jose's mystery project
    1. Book is hanging above the doorway.
  13. iFixit.com toolkit is on it's way
  14. Recording classes (Joe/IronGeek)
  15. 'makership' fundraising effort
    1. All regular membership rules apply
    2. It will be an independent fund to sponsor a yearly membership and project proposal

General Discussion + Meet and Greet + Open Build