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Welcome & LVL1 Quickstart

  1. New folks welcome - email and name for sign-in
  2. Quickstart to LVL1 culture:
    1. Fun is the prime directive. Keep things fun.
    2. Fair Warning: Using the collective 'we' can quickly get you deputized.
    3. When scheduling something; pick an arbitrary date to start negotiations, thereby avoiding arbitrary non-starting negotiations.
    4. The less rules the better. Don't try to solve problems we don't have.
    5. Be excellent to each other.
  3. Dues paying Members / Founding Members
    1. Voting Rights (direction and conflict resolution)
    2. 24x7 access to space, you get a key
    3. Access to all equipment owned, donated or loaned to LVL1
    4. Ability to sponsor new members

Old Business / Buying stuff from LVL1

  1. Brain and Tim have t-shirts! - $10 - come find us
  2. We Sell Make Subscriptions. $34.95 each - LVL1 gets $17.50! There is a link on the WIKI
  3. 'LVL1 Player 2 Donation' recurring paypal monthly donation of $13.37
    1. Easy way for non-members to give support without jumping into full membership.
  4. Stickers - Free, but feel free to add to the sticker fund (just paypal donate or drop $$$ into the sticker box) for when we run out. They cost LVL1 about $0.25 each
  5. Waivers of Liability - Please sign if you have not already

New Business

  1. Non-profit status options. (kick the can?)
  2. Workshop report
  3. Actors Theater 8/13 8pm
  4. New member voting...

Space Talk

  1. Infrastructure needs Need List
  2. Priority results?
  3. Entry systems (Chris)
    1. Electric Strike arrived. Gonna proto Freeduino + relay for the strike to start.
    2. Ideally, new electric outlet over by door.
  4. Storage/Lockers (general space and boneyard)
  5. Space Cleaning ideas - The list
    1. paper towel holders in bathrooms and kitchen
  6. Network and Server Farm?
  7. Online Space Monitor
  8. Mailbox???
  9. Cleaning list and teams posted

Open Build + Meet and Greet + General Discussion